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Bruce Nolan

Drama Romance Tragedy


Bruce Nolan

Drama Romance Tragedy

Morning Love Tale!

Morning Love Tale!

2 mins 12.3K 2 mins 12.3K

In the bed dressed in satin

With button broken, crumple sheet like a battle, 

There was a passion of play last night, 

The room has its scent, sensational love fight, 

The draped curtains have been unveiling, 

The sun rays are blocked though day out, in here as night prevails, 

I can see my love so soundly sleeping

Half naked with a satin sheet wrapped, just inches to keep, 

Her eyes are close, as she searches for me,

Scanning with her hand to find the body so cunningly, 

I just rush to those inviting hand to play, 

Just don’t leave; I need to hold the hubby that makes me gay, 

I cover her body and mine with a satin sheet, 

Hold her in my arm, so urgently, 

Her head rested on my arm, so sweet, 

Her lips against my chest as she nibbling me, 

I whisper good morning love, how was your sleep, 

She smiled like bee nibbling honey from flower so deep, 

I want you to be close to me all day long, 

Don’t think of leaving your office songs, 

I didn’t say a word as I staring at her face

I love the love we made; we do any day or place, 

I have to get food we could provide, 

So that we could live like this all while

She bites on my chest so hard

I won't yell but I can’t

She gently opens her eye to me

I love you hubby, please make love to me, 

I love you, my sweet honey girl, 

We’ll make love, always my cupcake pearl, 

You are the one who completes me whole, 

You and I are two bodies and one soul, 

Yet the curtain has blocked the lights, 

It ten in the morning, we should start alright, 

Even as we get ready for the breakfast table to meet, 

She slapping my bottoms so lustfully, 

Before we could go to eat, we kissed passionately, 

She almost climbed on me like a truck of the tree, 

There are marks of the night we been through, 

I whispered to her again and again, “I love you”,   Samuel 

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