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zappster .

Abstract Horror Thriller


zappster .

Abstract Horror Thriller

Mind Or Maze

Mind Or Maze

1 min 651 1 min 651

You will die, die,

Before it ends.

Your journey has started 

But your story is at rest.

My blade, My blade 

My blade awaits.

I see your soul, entering a maze,

I see your end, closing the gates.

A soldier marches, marches,

For a victory, he will never see.

Soldier marches,

But the cause never mattered to him.

So the death, rolls, 

It rotates a wheel.

He has to be chosen, 

No Matter how many prayers he preaches.

So the death comes and closes on him.

I see in the dark , Darkness it's.

I see it lurking somewhere else.

You are in a maze with me.

I see in darkness,

Your fear shines bright.

Moonshine in a cave,

There shall be a feast tonight.

Words Whispers,

But their silence screams a tale,

Sash listen, 

There are noises, dreadful, in the maze.

Help, help, help, it's 

Another victim and untimed death prevails.

Search, search, search, within you,

You will find something which will put you at peace.

Don't enter the maze,

If the cause doesn't Matter to you.

Make deals with demons,

Who lurks within you.

Run, run, run, but not form Yourself 

Accept the truth about you

Then befriend everyone else.

What does the dead soldier, teaches us 

Who got trapped in a maze in his own head.

Nothing, Because history always finds a way to repeat itself.

These stereotypes will cause much-untimed death.

Someone will be walking,

Someone will be resting in the ground.

What difference does it make if you are dead or play dead in life's playground

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