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Annu George

Abstract Others

Memory Card

Memory Card

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Memories start flowing in

Amidst the quarnatine bliss

And I hold on to the ones about

the old chambakka tree in our backyard,

the smell of ammachi's pazhampori from some evenings,

the hearty smile that chachi give, 

every single time I get back from school

And I remember the sense of belonging that once ruled my head

And how I have grown apart from all those, too soon, too fast.

I remember the cold damp towels

my mother kept on my forehead 

on the days I had a fever 

and also that recurring dream

That visited the sick child like a neighbour, unwelcome, but came anyway.

In the dream, now lost, 

it was always night, 

a lake in between, 

with banks both sides.

At some point, a person, unknown walks to the bank, 

and flashes a light to the opposite bank,

Hours and hours pass by

But he receives no reply, and 

He walks away heartbroken, 


And hopeless. 

He walks away, lost.

A similar light shines 

from the other shore, 

a little later,

 maybe in the hope of being known, noticed or being loved 

maybe in search of a Home

He too waits hours 

With the light towards the empty opposite shore, 

And walks away broken,

just the same way 

and I wake up, 

not knowing whether 

they will ever find each other's

light, whether they will ever meet.

And I notice that single tear, 

stuck at the corner,

Waiting to fall but never does 

Memories start flowing in

Amidst the quarnatine bliss

And I am reminded of a strange dream

Once there, now lost.  

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