Noorahmed attar

Drama Romance Fantasy


Noorahmed attar

Drama Romance Fantasy



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The fairy lights in my room 

or the plants in the window, 

hold a special memory in my heart as it was a gift rendered by you.

The playlist you recommended, still plays during lonely nights, 

your favorite food fills up my plate when you aren't around,

I walk to the places just to stop my heart from messing my mind.

I hold a blanket just to realize it's losing its warmth, 

The cartoons on my cushion cover losing their smiles, 

and the flowers in my vase growing thorns.

What is it about you that makes me think you are special?  

Is that the reason I am all worked up? 

What is it that I can't get in my head

Am I the Romeo that your Juliet hated?

As the winter breeze, you are so cold yet feels warm, 

like a falling star, you are broken yet I wish you to be mine,

and like shiny nights you are too much of glitter yet, I am mesmerized, 

You are everything I never wished yet falling for you is the only regret.

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