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Franchelle Raj



Franchelle Raj


Life is a blessing

Life is a blessing

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Just waking up every new day…

Feeling the heat of the sun’s ray,

Breathing the fresh morning air

Having parents to love and care!!


Waterfalls, rainbows and the sky so blue

Animals, birds and insects too!

Hot summers, cool winters and the glorious rain

that dances on my window pane!!


Watching movies, reading a book…

Sitting curled up in my favourite nook

A car drive or an aeroplane trip

A walk in the sand or a swimming pool dip!!


Enjoying a party with friends I know..

Cutting a cake with candles to blow

The pleasure of eating my favourite food

that makes my taste buds feel so good!!


A star in the sky, a pretty flower,

A new body wash, a nice hot shower!

Appreciation from my boss, an award won

Coffee with friends is so much fun!!


A sweet smile, a warm hug,

Loving words and a gentle tug

Laughter, singing and non stop chatter,

Courtesy and respect that really matter!!


This is the life I have come to love

These are blessings I’ve received from above!

So now you know it’s plain to see

Why my life makes me so happy

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