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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

The Scotch-Irish Viking

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The Scotch-Irish Viking

Inspirational Others

Lack Of Color

Lack Of Color

2 mins 221 2 mins 221

White on blue.

Blue and black.

The green grass drew,

A blood-red pact.

The colorless wind blew,

A dirty brown fact.

A yellow bird flew into the grey,

and was found dead on its back.

The purple and blue.

The white amphetamine sack.

Some camouflaged shoes.

The color you lack.

The orange in the hue.

The dull white in the crack.

Can the red and blue,

stop a deadly heart attack.

The pink on the seductress's lips.

The blue blood in the vein.

The crimson-colored poison,

Gets shot back in again.

The kaleidoscopic colors

That are swirling in your head.

That's why they call it Blacking out.

Pretty close to being dead.

Underneath cream-colored skin,

is the light grey brain matter.

A forest green garbage bin,

The dried crimson blood splatter.

Shove the clear spine deeper in,

Mix the black tar, up like batter.

Feel the invisible rush within,

The white lies of the Mad Hatter.

A rainbow after a bad typhoon.

The sun bright white... At high noon.

The deadly bite, from the silver spoon.

The dark fight, in a dimly lit room.

The colors will come back to you soon.

Spin the dyed yarn on your loom.

The black and white contrast, just like a raccoon.

The void in your life is your doom.

I hope that soon, you'll turn away

from what makes color black.

I pray you to find the strength within,

to stop the color thief's attack.

Dedicated to those that struggle with intravenous drug addiction.

You can quit. You are not alone.

You are loved. People can help you.

Reach out.

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