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Vivek Gupta

Abstract Drama


Vivek Gupta

Abstract Drama

King of the World

King of the World

2 mins 11.8K 2 mins 11.8K

The night pulling its cloak of darkness.

Letting the morning come into view so docile, so tranquil.

Leading the brightness to unfold slowly and steadily.

Uncovering all which remained unseen in the darkness.

The beauty of the world once again revealed.

The same busy life starting its processes.

The birds waking up with melody notes.

The little creatures moving stealthily, rolling and groveling.

The breeze moving slowly to refresh all.

The sun all red and orange, then getting brighter with a dazzling yellow daze.

And humans, the "king of the World" ready to rule the world again,

ready to acquire all money and material possessions,

ready to gain their livelihood.

Some with bigger ambitions now.

The ambition to acquire more,

more than what their little containers permit.

The day rolling in time.

The serenity being hushed once again.

All busier than what they were before.

The fulgent light dimming again.

The dusk setting in with its cloak of grey.

The birds calmer than before,

in their nest with their hatch lings,

ready to relax.

The little creatures back to the corners from where they had come,

in the little pores and holes.

Some under the grass lush green.

Only humans hurrying yet;

yet calculating and counting the penny earned, the penny lost

and the penny accumulated.

The approaching darkness not making them calm---

moaning and groaning and lamenting what could have brought more fate, more luck, more shillings.

No peace in their heart while darkness silently laying its peaceful shawl,

to cover once again one and all.

To let them slumber and sopor losing anxiety, agony and frustrations.

Thinking to peace the world again.

But humans the "King of the World" in no solace.

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