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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Kashmir, A Land Being Clamped

Kashmir, A Land Being Clamped

2 mins 97 2 mins 97

Believe me, I have no choice

I am in front of a gunpoint

How I will raise my voice?

The colors and its charisma

In a valley, I dwell with enigma

The chinar trees and lovely alpine relief frame

Heaven on Earth truly can only claim

Kashmir and Kashmiris, both are an integral part 

You cannot nullify one, ignoring other's germinal start

It will surely be a fallacy

To ignore an embryo, where there is no need for surrogacy!

Race and its inherent capacity

Surely having an aspiration with an authentic audacity

To bloom with vigor

Where we will admire with splendor

It is nature's law

Allowing myriad to bloom with symphony and awe!

My heaven Kashmir is now engulfed with gun, smoke, and fume

Beauty being eclipsed with the ugliness of truth, mercenaries are working religiously not to attune

Killing people from an oppressed class

The killing spree has now become the religion of common mass

Across the world oppressed are now subjected to atrocity

How can we claim and eulogize the ornamented flame of nationality?

A sheer bogus doctrine

Centuries long being evolved with an aim to jeopardize humanism!

Religion, Race, and alibi of numerous trace

A nefarious trait eclipsing humanity's grace

A tool with its poignant aim

Crushing humanity, causing mayhem

Fanaticism is now becoming champion

Considering only resort for suppressing human genome

Genocide once more becoming prevalent

History once more repeating with a tragic reminiscent

Instead of turning Earth into a heaven

Evil, doers only becoming successful in their ephemeral haven!

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