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Lokanath Rath

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Lokanath Rath

Classics Inspirational Others

It Won't Close....

It Won't Close....

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If you think that all are over,

By just spelling break up dear.

It might be just ok for you,

But, someone is having a view.

It's not a shopping Moll, you come and go,

It's not like any reality show.

It's not like the shop in the market place,

It's not the second's, displayed for sales.

It's not a filmy story to have the ending,

It's not your phone, which will keep on ringing.

It's not like any river bank or sea beach,

It's not the status of either poor or rich.

It's not the flower of your garden,

It's not the bell of the temple to sound again and again.

It's not the rainfall of the rainy season,

It's not the surface of the earth to absorb all for no reason.

It's not like the twinkle stars in the sky,

It's not the lotus to wait for blooming with shy.

It's not the playground to play the game,

It's not your meanness, which wants to blame.

It's not a vehicle to use for your travel,

It's not the wine bottle to have different label.

It's not like anything to open and close,

It's my love and not a flower the rose.

You may leave me and go away forever,

Leaving me betrayed and crying like a beggar.

You may have fear for your all actions,

Don't worry, there will be no disclosure &reactions.

You are and will be in my heart and thought,

I can't forget you and be that smart.

But stop these acts and see the reality,

My thought, It won't Close with any cruelty.

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