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Vishnu Prasad Dalai


I Love You

I Love You

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I hated you.

I can't think of a moment when

You understood my feelings and hence

killed me from inside because only

The thought of losing you

Seemed facile but

The fear of being alone

Took my soul away

You are the one who

Loved me eternally and

I realised, was a mistake cause you

Never cared about me which

Made me wonder if you

Were a mirage of the pseudo dimension and

These never ending thoughts which

Are at the verge of extinction with

Me losing you or myself and thus

Due to these pellucid reasons I can't imagine

A warm day or a cold night

With you which would complete 

My will to live a life

I hate you and

I can never ever say that

I Love you.

(Now read it backwards)

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