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Vishnu Prasad Dalai

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I Know I Will Miss You

I Know I Will Miss You

2 mins 257 2 mins 257

Life is a long road you need to travel,

Which even gets harder when you are alone,

You need to share and unravel 

The mysteries of life with someone who is known.

I haven't known you since my childhood,

Never even spent a lot of time with you,

But whenever I am in a sad mood,

I seek only one person and that's you.

I don't understand why you even talk to me,

Even though I am ignorant and self-centered,

You are like an antidepressant to me,

Cheering me up whenever I am depressed.

I know that you have no idea,

how much you have helped me,

We started with social media,

It will end with the same maybe.

I don't even know what I mean to you,

Maybe a friend or just a random person,

I don't have a single clue,

If you think of me the way I think of you.

You have asked me if I thought of you as a friend,

I still am not completely sure about that,

I might have answered you that I am your friend,

But think logically, we never even had an actual chat.

You may or may not be a friend,

But you are one of the sweetest person I have ever met,

You actually are more than just a friend,

Who helped me gain confidence which I thought I would never get.

I wish I knew you a bit before,

We would be very good friends for sure,

I wish I could get to know you a bit more,

Well, I don't think it will ever happen anymore.

We might never ever meet again,

Nothing is once again going to be the same,

So I just wanted to thank you,

And I surely know that I will miss you.

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