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Geeta Gahlot



Geeta Gahlot


I Keep Singing

I Keep Singing

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I keep singing this song, 

I sing with alliteration, 

Where are the values vanishing, 

And there is no true recognition. 

Trust, truth and transparency, 

Are no longer required in any relation. 

Virtual sessions and gadgets in hand, 

We are proud to have this present generation. 

Everyone wants to enjoy the rights, 

But what are the responsibilities is nobody's tension. 

I keep singing this song, 

That the day will soon come, 

When on this earth we will search for the human with humanity living, 

Because soon everyone will kill decency and enjoy the aggression. 

Love is lost and lust has taken over, 

Knowing a person was enough to judge his character, 

But now who is bothered about spending the life together. 

Thanks to our new approach and new beliefs, 

Dying loved one also is a matter of two days grief. 

Praying is also essential to be a part of society, 

Otherwise we have forgotten the preachings of our religion. 

I keep singing this song and I will always sing, 

How can we forget that how we got this freedom? 

And how we are ruining it?

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