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Manaswini Dash

Inspirational Others


Manaswini Dash

Inspirational Others

I Am Calling

I Am Calling

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I am that glorious soil

Who has emerged as victorious after digesting austerity 

I have apparently witnessed ample historical struggles in teary eyes

I have absorbed innumerable drops of blood of my brave sons 

I have listened the fanfare and trumpet for the commencement of wars

My heart was trembling by the clatter of hoofs of horses

Though I saw enormous battles and wars but could not witness drastic change

Again a new era emerged

The era of truth, nonviolence and peace

I became independent, I was bestowed with immense freedom

 But I could not realise the repercussions 

There is pangs of hunger.. there is abandonment... there is deliberate illiteracy.. there is slew of woes ..

I am really suffocated witnessing these excruciating sufferings

I am calling my patriots to come 

And wipe my tears for ever...

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