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Getting Along

Getting Along

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Getting along with a feather in my hair,

The simmering autumn breeze billowed across my window,

Leaving four distinct lines of sunny maroon , bringing the new season, with a slender bow.

My eagerness to see the fall, the hues of spring and summer, a fluorescent gold.

My mind is calm and perfect , a balance with the world.

And for a while the time stands refined, all my worries left behind.

I shall always remember this day with all my heart,

when my little arms wrapped tenderly around my dad,

as we walked through the leaf laden path.

He walks me through the sunrise and through the sunset,

the stars form a blanket around the sky,

and I dream a night of dreams that would take me beyond and wonder.

It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you belong,

what matters is who thinks of you and when you stay strong.

What matters is the after glow,

and the shine that descends on the great wall and beyond.

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