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Shraddha Gauhar



Shraddha Gauhar


Far Apart Still In Heart

Far Apart Still In Heart

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Though we are not together

The distance made us scatter.

But still, we were connected.

As our hearts beat together.

The little things we shared 

I remember how much we cared.

From same bus seat to college chair

The love was totally in the air.

Far away we stand now,

Don't know what things happened how.

But deep inside my heart

Our love has a small part.

Ages made us grow mature

But the hollow created can't be the cure.

As long as I live, I am sure

My heart will have our memories store.

Who to be blamed between us

For this distance that's like a curse.

As living without you is worse

Staring at your last gift kept in my purse.

Wish time to rewind 

And bring us back behind.

Never to be detached again.

Getting drenched in our love rain.

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