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Debasish Majumder

Abstract Inspirational Others


Debasish Majumder

Abstract Inspirational Others



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Life is an intriguing journey

It expresses its presence in the fetus

Excites the host with ecstasy which is sheer mellifluous

Life in the fetus thus evolve in a sojourn style

To bring delight to many with a delectable agile

What an impulsive vibe it alone produce

To make an indelible mark in human faculty only to adduce!


But when life conclude

No sign it reveals prior to its abrupt departure and its amplitude 

During its existing tenure

It produces ripples to overwhelm many with sheer platitude

Life itself an enigma

How we poor humans can dare to envisage its grand panorama?


Life itself is a nature’s design in errand which is ephemeral

Where we human alone can realize in due course its grand carnival

How we are becoming moribund in nature’s floor

But life is just a form of energy only to manifest in galore

Continuously translating its new synthesis with an amazing synergy with an amazing roar!


We are configured by nature in a physical form

Nature construe us with its amazing design and intriguing norm

In our internal complex mechanism and its rituals being expressed in behest

We hardly could fathom how abstract gaining a visual state

What a mystic design and hue we all living being accrue

A rhythm we all living creatures are forced to align like a glue

External world making huge appeal to our sensory organs, promoting our due entity

Imaginations derive and reflect in human faculty 

Paving us to thrive with sheer joviality

Though imagination is an abstract expression

Yet it navigate us to flow and express its manifestation with grand rendition!

Alignment and resonance

Produce nature’s floor huge appeal and essence

Though it is invisible out of its presence

But it too a material force to make significant difference

It enables us to many whom we never seen

Yet it forms a bonding of never ending 

It alone can uphold the voices for humanity

To ensure an environment on nature’s floor with true empathy!

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