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Dreams To Begin

Dreams To Begin

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There is the moon in the sky

Sweet hush, don’t cry

For the fairies here in their silvery voices they sing

Hear the blessings for you in mist they bring

The heaven showers you the biggest of dreams

And your wishes are never too extreme

On you, I press something little and lovely

Much greater than the river of the sweetest honey

Dear sweet, close your eyes

Over your cot, the butterflies fly

The dew drops of silver shine over you

Your heart makes you feel something new

The stars excel in the darkest night

It doesn’t own the ocean of gold to stay bright

It brings in its rays, past the worldly treasures

In your heart, a lovely dream it ensures

Hush little one, the diamond of rubies

A dream I would create with immense and profound beauty

You can’t afford to lose it in a scream

You would always sleep with the songs of a little, divine dream.

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