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Children Inspirational



Children Inspirational

Door To Reality

Door To Reality

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Waiting at the corridor of nursery classes,

With mind full of worries and tensions.

When a cute kid jumped to me,

With few of his innocent questions.

Why there is frown on faces,

When smiling is so easy.

Why everyone is so tired,

When it's fun to be full-time busy.

Why are you running all alone,

When we hold hands to every destination.

Why you meet human values in books only,

While we practice daily love and affection.

Why to pose like someone else,

When it's so simple to be just you.

Why you all can't trust your own words,

Whereas we believe in fairy tales too.

Why to dream so big and high,

When small wishes make us merry.

Why you nurture hatred for so long,

When our fight lasts for few seconds only.

While I was struggling with the answers,

Walked away the kid, playing with his toy.

Will our hearts ever regain that happiness,

With same freshness, innocence and joy.

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