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Varsha Madhulika



Varsha Madhulika


Donned With Experience

Donned With Experience

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As I see the grey hairs of my parents

It always reminded me of their words

You add on experiences, while you grow old.

What the experiences meant, I did not know

Until I was robbed by my friend whom I trusted most

Instilling fear to befriend again.

Why was this fear in me

Crippling me to live like before

Became ultimate concern of mine.

This concern made me realize that

The lesson I learned in my past

Became my guiding light.

This guiding light, which never lied

Which we put on, over the years in our mind

Marked as experience gained.

Insecurity and uncertainty wag our life

As we struggle to take a decision prime

Because we knew not what will be its effect.

But the moment experience creeps in

A heap of confidence sweeps in

Ready to face anything because it knows it's always in.

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