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Vishnu Prasad Dalai


Depressed Soul

Depressed Soul

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I feel like everything is fading,

I feel like something is missing,

I don't know why I feel so,

It looks like life has lost its glow.

I know I have suffered a lot,

Didn't tell anyone to prevent being caught,

I didn't want anyone to know I was depressed,

A little less happy and a lot more stressed.

My childhood was like a pleasant cry,

My teenage was a terrible lie,

No one knew my actual mood,

It's because the true me was dead for good.

Today I feel like I have lost myself,

It's really not good for my mental health,

But I don't have any control over it,

It kills me from inside bit by bit.

My life seems clueless,

I don't even have a bit of confidence,

I am still moving forward,

Reminding myself that I am not a coward.

I feel very lonely sometimes,

Negative thoughts running on my mind,

Questioning my own existence,

Waiting to die with great patience.

Thought that relationship is a good idea,

Watching all stuff on social media,

But since, even I don't love myself,

How could it be done by anyone else.

I don't know how I developed an inferiority complex,

Especially in front of my opposite sex,

I don't know why I feel inferior,

Even to myself when I see in the mirror.

Sometimes, I just wish to die,

Die at once without pain or cry,

I wonder if everyone has such painful life,

It feels easier to slit my wrist with a knife.

I can just hope for the best,

I don't know anything about the rest,

I want to get out of this depression,

I really want to live my life with my passion.

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