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Broken Trumpet

Broken Trumpet

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She tooted her way through the musical choir, 

Alas, with her broken trumpet. 

She twanged and strum, as she joined in the chorus,

Every word, every line laying bare her heart, open like a thesaurus. 

Little did she realize, her broken trumpet could be heard,

For not a sound escaped the calm silence of the sea.

She looked around and found no one,

Hope arose like a glittering sun, 

She came around as if to play with the sea shells,

Though her seeking eyes belied her emotion, 

She had lost her beloved at the sea,

And only the waves frolicking could set her apart and free.

She lay beneath the cool blanket of the sand, 

Her eyes moist with memories of yore,

A staggering idiot no more,

In the awareness of things, cold and barren,

Life that was once great magic,

Was now without any logic.

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