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Saloni Sriyashree Jena

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Saloni Sriyashree Jena

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Gender Profiling --

A problem we have in our hands,

But ignoring like we already got the solution.

We are men

Believed to wear black and blue, not pink or yellow.

Believed to have the strongest characters.

Not allowed to cry but hold on to our tears.

Accepted as the backbone, carrying all responsibilities.

Accepted as the only support system of our families.

Forced to hear things like "Be A Man".

Bound to get interested in games and sports.

Not allowed to express our emotions.

Is this what men are born for?

We are women

Believed to wear only pink and yellow.

Not allowed to go alone anywhere.

Believed to be dumb.

Heard things like bad at maths and physical tasks.

Forced to act like a typical woman.

Tired of hearing 'Sit properly, eat properly, talk properly'.

Defined as an attention seeker.

Forced to accept the comments passed on us with a smile and not to reach for it.

Asked questions like, 'How can you eat so much?'

Our looks mattered most than any other thing.

Forced to keep a check on our dress code where ever we go.

Is this what women are born for?

Despite the gains in gender equality, biases on men and women still exist.

Discriminating and biasing both the genders.

Depending on the opinions of society.

Not wanting to learn the truth.

Being tensed by "Log kya sochenge".

Is this how we can eradicate gender profiling?


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