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Janak Machchhar

Inspirational Others


Janak Machchhar

Inspirational Others



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While making any kind of creation, it is always open to some

Sort of obstruction. There are many blockades in this path, Path 

Of Creation, for the person who truly forms something. Patience

And calmness is your wheels to abstain you from useless wrath.

My occupation is quite simple; I forge mirrors of different styles,

Either for myself or society. These alluring mirrors become

Words finally when I perform my sorcery over it. This work is

Indeed ever-lasting. Raw materials for each piece is this rum

Which I have extracted from within- addiction is my choice.

This rum is a beverage for regular lifelong consummation for

Me because my liver is a vast lined anvil. I am forced to block

My flow by pounding huge doors of scorching metal so upon

Touching- it is steam. This one's from the Academics' stock.

Strenuous it is to cut through them, as to cease the current. On

The contrary, amid my ravenous flow- to Mother's task: I agree.

She is kind that is why I aid her; bad is this 'yes/no' because

One can't do his stuff if he allows himself, for others, to be free.

Courage is required to say 'no' to demands and there should

Be enough respect for your inner flow, allowing you to oppose

These obstructions which are willingly imposed. In my barriers,

I form crevices or excuses for the seeping of rum. To dispose

Of these doors of metal and so- I cast a flood of my creativity.

People ask why should we create our own barriers?

We Should, but not for viewing our defeat. Form loads of them

Only to challenge your own dexterity in your fields, try breaking

Them until they don't stand nor shine. It is a way to win your game.

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