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"Art should evoke emotion

It should make you 

Cry and smile, 

Feel and long

Love and hate

So artists tear a piece 

Of their heart and 

Pin it to the bottom left corner 

Of the sheet and 

Pour art in black and white,

Red and yellow, 

Green and blue and you smell them 

Like you smell

Those red fragrant roses 

You grow in your garden". I don't grow roses anymore

And There is no You either


Your words still rings in my head


I look out for that pieces of heart

Nailed to all those pieces of art

I thought I was holding on to 'You'

And the last piece of heart

You left with me

Bout now I realise

You were taking me to 'Me'

And all the heartbreaks

Finally made sense

Because this time around, I found 'Me'

And the 'art',

Long Hidden in my he'art'

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