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Deepti Sharma

Classics Inspirational Others


Deepti Sharma

Classics Inspirational Others

A Journey (Part 2)

A Journey (Part 2)

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The falls taught me to arise,

with fresh zeal and grit,

the bruises taught me to,

refine and,

arise stronger.

The runs taught me to,

make my way,

rain or shine!

The ones that helped me through,

taught me to love,

to bear and to care.

The ones that left,taught me to,

mend and acknowledge,

the disparity between souls.

The creation taught me to,

stay beautiful,


no matter how you look like!

The trip was so pleasantly spent,

with warmth in it's arms,

and more beaut morals,

in it's lap that,

I never wanted to go away.

I wanted to explore,

I wanted to arise more,

I wanted to grasp more,

Hence,I wanted to,


And here I am,

still on this divine tour,

with even more wonders,

to come along with time!

So,this was the last part of my poem which holds a very special place in my heart because somehow we all can relate with it as we are all on the same journey.

My only motive to write this one was to convey my message to my readers that days may seem bad or uninspiring but apparently LIFE is not! 

Sometimes we feel useless or think that life is not good and so,but the reality is that we all are learning some or the other thing by living it,we are being a better person day-by-day and we are learning so much even by the failures and those bad days,which we often FAIL TO NOTICE.

I really hope this poem gives you a little motivation to follow your passion and live the precious life you have got.


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