Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

A Feeling, He Is In My Sense

A Feeling, He Is In My Sense

3 mins

Extreme feeling, a real not but, imaginary

He fills me with his love, a sense of ecstasy,,

Passion in love, a fragrance, nostalgia,,

A fragrance of romance,,,

For the feeling and his dynamic image,,,

Delicate, soft, caring heart, caring my heart,,,

Who sways away in love with my existence,,

He is immersed in my thought,,

I am with his,,

But a soft feeling, little tough, manly hard and rude,,,

To control my restless thoughts,,,

He drags me towards him,,

Little possessiveness I like,,

I wait for his demand of life to get from me,,,

My satisfaction in satisfying his needs,,,

More then a duty,

He too bothers about my needs,,

A chance we wait, a proper time, a time’s wish and blessing,,

When the shower of love pour on us,,,,

Making us wet in love,,,

I will be in his arms,,

He will be as a small kid in my laps,

Hiding his face in my heart,,,

Sucking his endless feeding of love,,,

Making me weak in his love,,

Fragrance of his romance,,

A feeling, imagination but,,,

A true fantasy persists like his presence,,,

His touch, soft strokes,

Romantic hug, a thrilling, a sensation,

A craziness to mingle with my entity,,

Searching my existence in him,

I am in him and

He is within me,

Captivating me in his feeling,,,,,,,,

But, he is the only truth in my life,,

He is still waiting for me,,

It is a doubt, when he says boldly manly like when,,

He tries to catch me,,,,

I enjoy the way he influences me,,,

He wants to make me happy,,,

I accept the way he says,,

I liked the words of his love,,

He captures my sentiments,,

As if I am a small girl for him,,

He seems to be a kid,,

Whom I want to feed my love,,,

When he demands for it,,

I enjoy in satisfying his need,,

His desires to be loved by me,,,

How long a relation!


I feel enough it is time to break all,,,

But as soon as I start forgetting him,,

I feel again helpless more scary within myself,,,

I breath in exertion and pain,,

Some one pulling me pushing me towards his innocent ,,

Demand but in a manly way,,

One urge compels me to attend his love again,,

He claims his eternal right,

Birth right to love him as a son,,,

A demand on his mom,,,

The mom who can never abandon his son,,,

In the loneliness or in the crowed of life’s,,

When society never exists,,,

Social relation never exists only a relation exists ,,,

A connection which is never fused or cut off on the way,,,,,

In the memory or diary of the mom and son relation,,,,

A lover son in a manly way of expressing his love,,,,,

If you are my love,, 

I never care for any one’s anger or

Denial of society and family,,

If you stretched your strong hands towards me,,

I will catch it so strongly,,,,,,

I swear, I will never allow you to depart from me,,,

I will embrace you so tightly,,

All your fear vanish within me in a while,,,

I will surrender myself to you,

Dominating over your mind, body too,,,,

I am your, you are mine, we are for ever,,,,

Two hearts, in one body, sensual love,,,

Can never detach from each other life,,

Your breath in my breath ,,

My breath holds your breath,,,,


Your touch, a nostalgia in my mind,,,

Your passionate kiss, your tight hug,,,

Just clasped my existence in your emotion,,,

Sexual energy within your strong arms ,,,

Always dominating and demanding from me,,

The birth right, identity of a lover son,,

A love relation from his darling mom,,,,,,

‘I love you my son’,,

A sensible serious lover man,,,,,,,INDIRA MISHRA

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