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Rita Dobriyaal

An avid Traveler - Camera clicks me. Artistic heart - Love for Painting, Reading & Writing. Good Observer - Of Time, Situation & People. A motivational Counselor. Last But Not Least - A Good Listener. I have Solutions of All your problems. Spreading Happiness Alwayss... :-) read more

  Literary Colonel

The Illusion

Drama Others

One fine day me along with two of my friends escaped from this power nap and gathered outside a frie...

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My Scribble Voyage


This is an inspiration for all the writers and shows how she started writing.

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Silent Hopes - Ceylon

Children Tragedy

This story is about a boy running a toy shop in the Ceylon market. He is being visited by a woman wi...

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My Story of Writing

Drama Others

The story is about making of a writer and his personal experiences

4    17.1K 81

An Innocent Smile

Drama Inspirational

We, the intellectual humans are struggling every moment to sustain the pace of fast moving time.

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The writer talks abou a girl Laali and her family.Though poor they live with dignity and are providi...

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KITTU - Love Has No Boundaries


He spend a very short period with me, and all superstitious thoughts and belief about cats washed aw...

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The Slithering Destiny...

Inspirational Thriller

EDUCATION was my weapon to live, survive and grow. I was not afraid of death, may be Allah destined ...

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Action Tragedy

विशाल इस बात से अंजान ही रह गया कि वो पिता बनने वाला है। या विशाल चला गया फिर वापस आने के लिए।

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