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Mohita Acharya Trivedi

I am not a professional writer, but love to pen down my thoughts in a simple words, where there is no need to refer a physical or internet dictionary for the word-meaning. I read, I feel and I write. According to me "Memories always stay with you. They, forever, exists but never exticnts!" I want to stay in memories of all those, whom I am connected with. Being in there good memories! read more

  Literary Colonel

Have Some.....

Children Stories Others

Have some faith in the soil, of your Nation;

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Your Words

Children Stories Inspirational Others

Your words build trust in me, That my writing will get better;

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Remember It Well


The poet will remember always how she was cheated.

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All Because Of You!


I couldn't sleep, Because of you...

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Triggered Memories

Children Stories Drama Others

Every day I do the same thing, And my walking ends;

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In Each One's Heart


Tonight I'll have a sound sleep, Wishing you would be sleeping;

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Sleep Well


The poem is a dream of a wonderland.

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More, To Be Kind!

Drama Inspirational

It was a messy day, I missed my morning tea too;

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Stand on your grounds!


"... derive a sort of courage, and perform with desperation; in these circumstances, find some in...

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Not Alone Anymore

Drama Others

Standing firm with me, Having respect for me;

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Lonely Night


The poet shares the lonely night spent.

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Lazy Winter Afternoon


The poem describes the lazy winter afternoon.

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Soothing Sunlight


The poem shows that sunlight will be there with lovers always.

1    165 10

I Would Carry!


I would carry, A gesture of love and care...

1    195 23

A New You Inside!


Time never gives you chance again and again. This poem for those who have to believe in themselves a...

1    309 20

An Open Window


Memories are the only things which survives forever, it takes birth with you and lives forever even ...

1    45 3

Un-taken Path!


The water which, Does not have any processing; The sand which, Smells sweeter than a

1    7 1

Morning Mist

Abstract Drama Romance

I wish that this morning stays forever, We stay together forever;

1    211 16

Wander In Dreams!


As I walk crushing the leaves; The firm roots laid there like, Explaining to me how t

1    3 1

Moments For The Future!


You forgot to put sugar, And at first sip he made a bad gesture then; Today again you

1    23 2

Have No Fear!

Children Stories Inspirational Others

Set up your mind, To make things clear;

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Proud To Be A Husewife!


We look messy, Because we are housewives;

1    184 27

Look Within Your Heart!

Children Stories Drama

Come out from that corner, And tickle me; To make me laugh,

1    133 8

Mind, Heart and Soul!

Abstract Drama

Walking in the darkness'; My heart gets worried

1    183 22

Learn From Bad Experience!


So learn to stay away, And never get attached,

1    148 15

Proud To Be Housewives!


We can not motivate people, Because we are housewives;

1    24 1

Move On!


Forget all damages; It is a new beginning,

1    243 36

Silence Sometimes


Silence sometimes says, You adore me;

1    7 1

When We Met


Memories sometimes brings a big smile on your face and you blush with grace....

1    25 3

Failure Speaks Loudly!

Children Stories Inspirational Others

"S" says success is at your doorstep, open the door to welcome your bright future;

1    270 6

Addicted To Creations!

Abstract Drama

Addicted To my creativities, I keep on involving myself;

1    326 51

School Days!

Children Stories

We monitored our juniors, When teachers had a meeting; And we always received, Our younger'...

1    363 6

To Be Happy!


To be happy, Make others happy; Wake up every morning, With an impression of learning,

1    45 2

What A Lovely Day!


In search of the moments, Living life with scheduled routine; We waste our moments, Working...

1    50 1

Jai Hind, Jay Hind, Jay Hind!


I respect my Nation, So do you, And we all;

1    188 4

Morals Of The Stories!


This poem teaches us that patience is the key to achieve anything in life

1    250 3

Respect Your Heritage


It's time to preserve, Out tradition; To maintain its essence,

1    10 1

Looking Back!

Drama Others

I see myself walking, Through the streets; Sometimes sitting alone, Perceiving the river st...

1    71 3

My Connection!

Abstract Drama

The words of misery and pain, Are lowered by words of solace; My connection with Pen and Diar...

1    160 3

Getting Better!


Sadly I wipe my tears, to behave normal, Erasing all memories, just to get better; Hard to do ...

1    7 2

Heart Puzzle


"Oh Dear! turned around all pieces, See India's colourful religious symbols; Bring them all to...

1    60 2

World Cup Fever


The biggest festival in cricket's world; People watch together, From all around the world;

1    29 1

Not At The Cost Of Money!


Educate a child, To become knowledgeable; Not at the cost of starvation,

1    112 6

Marriage Vows


I'll seek for the brighter side, Even if it will be the darker side; I'll cheer to join you on...

1    216 7

In My Dreams!


Flying up high in my dreams, Which never comes true, As it's just a dream;

1    90 3

Bring Me Sunset


Bring me the sunset in a cup, I would drink it with my closed eyes;

1    295 3

Preserve Nature

Abstract Children Stories

This poem is about the beauty of nature and preserving it for our future

1    183 2

To Have A Nature!

Drama Others

The eyes which filled with tears while seeing your first glimpse, Now, when having faded visions;...

1    113 2

Your Greed!


Be satisfied with what you have, You get what you deserve best; All situations, all circumstan...

1    222 2

Time - The Best Teacher

Inspirational Others

Recall all ups and downs, all your smile and frowns; While you take each step, without anyone's h...

1    128 2

I Am Back!


This poem is to encourage our society to help a girl in need of help. To strengthen those girls whil...

1    25 0

Saluting Patriotism!


This poem is about thanking and saluting soldiers for their sacrifice to save our country

1    191 0

Home And House


The happiness gets lost, has no sign of caressing; A home is not home anymore, A family is ...

1    232 19

Misery And Cure


For the distortion being made, for the man-made calamity; or the natural calamity,

1    312 43

Humanity Indeed

Abstract Inspirational

This poem is about being kind and helpful to one another

1    45 1

Make Your Hands Dirty!


The house and society as a home itself; Not making these, that place, Where girls do not feel ...

1    32 3

Keyboard Asks Me!

Fantasy Inspirational

The keyboard inspires the writer to write.

1    111 8

Music Or Misery

Abstract Fantasy

Music helps in recovering the miseries of life.

1    70 3

Name Poem

Abstract Fantasy

This poem is based on my name. So, it's being titled as "Name Poem". The first letter of each senten...

1    53 1

Women's Essence In Life


It is easy for one, To find other's mistakes; But hard for one, To realize one's own mist...

1    27 1

Dream Of You!

Romance Fantasy

This shows a romantic dream.

1    29 0

Strengthen Inner Strength


The poem inspires to Strengthen Inner Strength

1    67 1

Getting Better


This poem is about a person trying to move on from darkness to light

1    71 2



Silence tastes like a morning tea

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Often We


Often we laugh, usually we cry..

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To Survive


Forget all, sorrows and pain, Those times will never come again;

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Too busy, trying to understand life's jigsaw puzzle, To learn, solving it with less struggle

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एक शिकायत है!


आज भी जब तुझे आसमान में देखते हैं, मन की बेचैनियां सारी दूर हो जाती हैं।

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मतदान ज़रूरी है


मतदान हमारी मज़बूरी नहीं न ही हमारी कमज़ोरी है, मतदान हमारा अधिकार है मतदान हमारी ताकत है,

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