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Amanpreet Singh

Some of my stories are based on reality and some stories are based on my imagination, but there is one common factor in all of my stories i.e. these are damn entertaining! Don't forget to follow and share me. M.A. English, M.A. Political Science. More than 30 talk shows on radio. Three years of writing experience in newspapers. Six years of teaching experience. apsamaanbatra@gmail.com read more

  Literary Colonel

The Secret Of The Mysterious Cat


Aaman was at a loss. Would he choose his beautiful cat or his fiancee Riya?

11    154 0

The Dark Storm


There are some situations in our lives that change our behaviour for some time. But when such situat...

8    167 1

Please Convince Me


What began as a quest for religious fulfilment quickly turned into a quest for love.

7    34 2

Tension-free Happy Man

Drama Others

A happy man shares his philosophy of how to lead a stress-free and happy life

9    218 3

The Astral Traveller


Do we know the reason why sometimes we feel melancholy for no reason?

9    45 1

Unpredictable Fan


Sometimes celebrity fans indulge in seemingly deranged and mindless actions as described in this sto...

4    35 1

3 Weird Girls


A tale of 3 hot girls who were super weird.

9    224 1

The Fearless Open Murder!

Drama Crime

I was sitting on the dead corpse smeared with blood. The more unfateful, stunning and harrowing fact...

8    360 3

Who Can Be My Best Companion?


I had lost my dad at a very young age and I lived with my mom alone. As a son of my mom, I thought s...

9    41 4

Deadly Ink

Drama Horror Fantasy

Everything was okay until I saw the mirror. “What! My hairs have turned white! How come my small por...

9    61 1

The Huge Eagle

Fantasy Thriller

Out of nowhere, suddenly one large eagle hit the spot. I had never seen such a large eagle ever in m...

9    55 1

The Dark Money Secret

Drama Horror

I had no option except to do exactly the same as the inspector demanded. Luckily I was at my home at...

6    303 5

A Secret Problem Of Husbands


The secret problems of husbands based on the real incidents in the current era.

4    224 4

The Strange Hospitality

Drama Fantasy

I am a wanderer, explorer, and discoverer. I love to move into the strange and queer places where no...

9    20 1

She Was Possessed


A woman possessed by a ghost.

7    34 5

Encounter With A Witch

Drama Horror

The bus continued its journey to the hilly areas.

7    432 44

The unexpected dark night

Children Stories Fantasy

I, Manish and Shivani were going to school by foot. We were discussing about the tests that our teac...

7    52 2

The Lady With A Big Heart

Drama Inspirational

As I said I was a government teacher, so there was no fee, education was absolutely free

3    368 13

The Attack Of Negro Women


I didn’t say anything. She covered me with her arms and hugged me with strong love

8    92 3

The Lift To A Girl At Night

Drama Thriller

I tilted my bicycle so that she might fall on the ground. But I was taken aback when she didn’t fall...

5    235 12

Wow! What An Honesty


She answered with a very pleasant smile, “It is okay sir. I don’t mind even if you don’t pay the rem...

3    434 48

6:15 am


I entered the office but everything was blurred. I rubbed my eyes to make my vision clear, but again...

4    152 7

He Will Rape Me!


On the same evening, I searched Aarushi on facebook and sent her friend request. First, she didn’t a...

7    174 6

Massive Ego


Next morning, I was with an iron rod in hand. Wasting no time, I started - Bang! Bang!...

7    175 4

Met A Girl On A Foggy Morning

Drama Fantasy

I didn’t lose heart. Next day again, I was there waiting for her but in vain. Months slid by, my thi...

6    230 10

1 Night Stay With The Unknowns

Horror Tragedy

This story is about a man who was greedy to earn more money, for which he goes to a jungle area as t...

7    397 39

Love illusion!

Others Romance

The story is about a boy who finds a girl attractive and wants her but when she accepts him he found...

8    189 8

The Red Monsters

Action Fantasy Thriller

“For I can say only one word, they are death. Let’s run Maneesha!” We both ran madly, didn’t know wh...

6    142 6

The Tragic Success Story

Abstract Tragedy

I decided to leave the place as soon as possible. I talked to many, I tried to convince many that th...

6    823 57

The Haunted App


Mitali clicked on the “Install button”. Soon a strange creepy light exploded from the screen...

7    663 94

The Lasting Hope For Someone

Abstract Fantasy

You are going to witness the most beautiful world.

7    760 31

The Mysterious Fort


Thud! I fell down on my shoulder and it gave me a sudden, severe pain.

7    1.2K 49

An Eccentric Daredevil

Action Drama Fantasy

The king gave a cue to his courtiers to accept him as their guest.

7    1.5K 59

The Beautiful Kiss Of Love

Comedy Romance

I had come a long way to impress her and one day finally, I made her say three beautiful words, “I l...

5    911 82

The Creepy Night


The creepy figure slowly began to come close to me.

4    1.6K 99

Incomplete Love


In my vision she was no less than an angel. I began to love her for her divine image, an image of tr...

6    1.9K 65

War - Bloodbath


Alexander asked him, “ What he said to you?”

4    2.5K 36