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Charu Vashishtha Gulati

"An architect by education, software engineer by profession and a writer by choice." Charu was born in UK (Belfast), and brought up in Roorkee, India. She has a degree from India's premier college : Indian Institute of Technology and has worked for technology and product based companies like Tata Consultancy, American Express, Royal Bank of Scotland. She is currently working as Senior Manager, Information Technology, at Max Life Insurance. She is an avid reader and blogger. She maintains her blog : lifeinthehooterville.blogspot.com read more

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Did You Say Something - Part 8

Drama Others

She found herself lying in my lap. She was totally embarrassed.

4    151 6

Did You Say Something: Part 7

Children Stories Drama

She collapsed with all her weight into my lap. It was too much to bear

7    213 36

Did You Say Something? Part 6


Poor man is all the time complaining while in reality he has accepted poverty as his destiny.

5    23 3

Did You Say Something: Part 5


She took out the money from her purse and handed over to the conductor. I was stupefied.

5    249 7

Did You Say Something ? Part 4


The sound generated was so boisterous that it reached the other person instantly and I saw his frien...

5    226 13

Did You Say Something - Part 3


I have to instill courage in her, not she. This girl is an enigma to me.

2    238 8

Did You Say Something? Part 2


Again I was at my wit’s end. Am I fascinated? Just a few minutes back, we were total st

5    41 3

Did You Say Something?


It was 6:30 in the evening. I was late again.

5    163 8

The Two Witches

Fantasy Children Stories

Once upon a time, there were two fast friends called Mantika and Avantika who studied in the same cl...

2    360 31

Personal Preferences


I was quite. There's nothing wrong with winters. I just happened to develop a liking fo

1    121 8


Romance Drama

I wonder if he actually did love me....

3    414 56



This story is about a person learning to enjoy each and every moment in life

7    485 58

The Moot Topic Of Marriage


This story is about lowering expectation and be happy with the person you are with as no one is perf...

2    254 7

Ashtavakra Maha Geeta


Ashtavakra, the saint with 8 body deformities (that is why the name Ashtavakra ) went t

2    151 8


Classics Drama Abstract

A king goes to meet Buddha. What is Buddha's most valuable advice to hi?

1    335 15

The Cosmetic Firm

Inspirational Drama

There was a cosmetic firm which floated a competition encouraging people to write about and send in ...

1    344 9

Youth And Beauty

Drama Children Stories

A young lady of sixteen could not help feeling proud when she received a poem on her beauty from an ...

1    200 6

God And You


The story signifies that we are closest to God when we realise that we are actually a part of him.

1    288 5

Love And Beauty


It is rightly said - Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

2    221 4

The Angel


And she entered the new home in her bright red wedding attire will a lot of uncertainty and dilemma....

1    359 9

The Fire Within


You see a great career but you don’t know that it had been stagnant until that one opportunity came ...

4    122 8

The Connection


Life was always like this for her. She didn't go out much but knew about life from the books. Books ...

2    252 7

I Am NOT Fine


'I am Fine' is an easy answer to the world. But is it an honest answer?

1    162 5

The Comic's Tragedy

Drama Romance Crime

A guy held out the door for Aditi as she was about to enter the Coffee Cafe at the Asian mall. I ...

11    124 6

Madhav And Meera

Abstract Romance

The story is about unconditional love.

12    469 8

Three Of Him


The story shows that happiness is in loving and being loved.

7    102 4

The Mysterious Playwright

Drama Inspirational

Ila , a girl from a farming family from village Kaithal in erstwhile Maratha, lived in a world of dr...

11    440 14

Me And You


The story reflects the past, present, and future of a girl in the form of another girl.

2    322 10

Obnoxious Vineet


I used to be the first person previously anyone in my team would reach out to in case for any techni...

1    204 9

The Intuition


This was quite unlike her mother. She became increasingly anxious.

2    288 7

The Meditation

Drama Others

It has been an hour. Iti had not been able to solve the mathematical combination sequence.

2    182 6


Children Comedy

This is about how can we make others happy. We can be cartoons in someones life and make them happy.

1    138 5

The Accidental Life Partner :


This story is of a married couple who loved each other but never expressed. But, finally one day the...

4    225 10

The Accidental Life Partner !


Dahaliya did not utter a word as she was angry. But then she saw his face. His faced had dropped and...

3    444 7

The Java Hero 2


This story is about Dahaliya, who is an expert in Java and determined. Hence, the name Java Hero 2.

2    307 9

Life Haphazard


Dahaliya and Irim were exact opposite of each other and I, I was well a bridge between the two, lite...

9    1.2K 7

The First Date

Drama Romance

He sounded serious and sincere. His eyes had certain truthfulness in them...

3    1.2K 24

The Manifestation Of God


Contradictory thoughts clouded Vipul's mind. Communication had never been a problem amongst them.

9    1.2K 67

Fasting Feasting!


Radha said that she needed to cross Yamuna to get back home...

5    1.3K 14

When I Fell For Him

Drama Romance

The next few days, I got the opportunity to work closely with him. He was sharp and intelligent. But...

4    1.3K 10

The Proposal

Drama Romance

We started walking on the paved pathway around the office premise. The Bright Capricorn Mascot which...

3    1.2K 31

It Happened One Thomso


Roorkee had been Irim's home too. A lot of her memories were attached to the place.

7    1.9K 66

The Java Hero


There had been compliance vigilance at office these days.

5    1.6K 76

The More Beautiful One


With such a perfect figure and features, she turned heads wherever she went.

4    1.7K 82

2099: A New Dawn

Fantasy Inspirational

She stretched a little, and as soon as she got up, the upper part of the bed split into two. These "...

5    2.5K 85

Tell Me You Are Mine

Drama Romance

Meera considered herself lucky to have bagged the job. She loved writing software codes

42    3.0K 112

The Grindstone Astrologer

Children Inspirational

Be proud of your capability , believe in yourself but never forego your common sense in face of adve...

4    1.9K 81

Life Goes In A Circle


"All of the people who ever succeeded," declared Mahesh "had a story, a story of hardships. Iti do y...

19    20.0K 284

The Lost Meera


She had a funny feeling as she listened to the teacher eulogize her at the school podium...

10    20.1K 227

The Last Confession


I could have made some small talk with her like about her favorite author or something.

15    22.3K 230