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Swati Gugnani  

Because living in a bubble is better than becoming a societal caricature.

"Literary Brigadier"

Come Alive

Drama Fantasy Classics

Everything is livlier in your Happy Place.  

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The Colonial Mélange

Abstract Inspirational Others

As I advance towards Janpath, I feel like I am entering a new world altogether – a sharp contrast to the commercial order I left behind. I don’t miss it much as there are only a few things that can match the fun of street shopping and I am sure every Dilliwala  can relate to this – no matter how much we shop at the most expensive showrooms and malls

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Tobermory - Scandalous Revelations By A Bored Cat

Comedy Others Fantasy

Tobermory is originally a short story written by Saki (pen name of  Hector Hugh Munro). As a part of a writing prompt, I wrote my own little version of what happens when a cat starts revealing scandalous secrets at a house-party, combined with an attempt to write in a way some of favourite authors did (like Oscar Wilde and Jane Austen). Read on to find out!!

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Diaries Of A Ghost

Comedy Others Horror

It started with the five girls giggling while taking out the board from the closet. Some of them were poking fun at a girl who didn’t want to join the session. She finally relented and they all sat down in a circle with the board in the middle. All the girls were in their early teens and were really excited. They had put off the lights and had lighted some candles to give it a spooky feel.

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Drama Fantasy Inspirational

Akira was in the middle of questioning her decision when she had been almost pushed onto the stage to compere the function. The glaring spotlights were doing nothing to help her situation, except maybe blinding out the faces of hundreds of people whose eyes were fixated upon her. She walked on to the stage, tentatively at first, but tried to feign confidence with each step.

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