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Abhisha Gulati

Always believe in yourself. When your heart says "dance", let dance run in your every nerve, if your heart says "sing", sing on the top of your lungs and whenever your heart tells you to write, flow all your emotions through the ink of your soul and create one of the greatest pieces of art one could have ever imaginably read! Student Class XI, Prudence School read more

  Literary Colonel

The Colloquy Of Two Entities

Abstract Drama Others

But as it is said, Out of difficulties, grow miracles

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Shattered Pieces Do Speak


I wish those pieces could become one again, And confront the world with their powerful pen....

1    113 32

Solace In The Rain She Found


With her eyelids open wide, Descended a liquid sunshine Touching her dewy lips on the side ...

1    205 25

The Mysterious Beauty Of Rain


Trees waved their hands, As she ambled by the street..

1    309 17

Summer - A Time Of New Dreams


It was in one of my wildest dreams To see again; I almost had forgotten, What was life ...

1    248 19

The Wish Of My Vulnerable Soul

Abstract Drama

Alas, I wish This vulnerable soul of mine Could ever Break The barriers of atrocity...

1    416 33

Will Power

Children Stories Inspirational

Where there is a will There is a way In every soul It shall stay

1    425 42

Through The Eyes Of J.K Rowling


Next seven years Filled with ups and downs But then my hard work Earned me a crown 'Harr...

1    169 34

Childhood - A Dark Side

Tragedy Others

But for some, It's a nightmare Who have to work And fun is rare

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The poem shows that potential and confidence is within us.

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The Beauty Of Nature


The blanket of snow Wrapping around the mountains, Eliminates sadness Letting bliss grow;

1    330 29

Ephemeral Phase of Darkness


Whenever sadness makes a call, We ponder, is darkness meant for all?

1    104 24



Forlorn thoughts Captivate my mind, Wondering were those real memories that I left behind, ...

1    226 28

Entangled Relationships


We as humans, Tend to lose faith, Tend to mourn...

1    145 32