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Bipul Banerjee   Author of the Year 2018 - Nominee

The author is management leader by profession . He has 5 research publications to his name in the field of CRM and two book chapters. A well read and vastly published poet. Featured among 100 emerging poets of Asia. Featured poet of the month in PoetrySoup.com in 2016-17 Featured poet as contemporary Asian poets of 2016-17 Featured artist of the week in The 13Alphabet Magazine- 2017-18 10 international and 15 national poetry publications in paper backs and e-books . Featured Artist in the Chicago Artfest in Sept-2018 Popularly known as ‘Dusk’ in literary circles read more

  Literary Brigadier

Dusk To Dust


I shall one day be no longer; I shall be dust one day, For from dust I came And there - I s...

1    135 0

Poetry And Me


Dear poetry Every spurt of emotion Brings me to you Ebullience Astonishment Agony

1    215 0



Trembling limbs Yet a twinkle in Cataract eyes A glimmer of hope Seeking approval Of ...

1    6 1



Tears in eyes Witnessing the blood stained Fragments of slain soldiers Scattered all over t...

1    25 1

The Waiting Room


Few opportunists here and there, Greedy to trade....

1    9 0



We must practice hard to achieve the target.

1    255 24

Hands Of Time


Hands of time run along, Sometimes smooth, sometimes rough.

1    25 0

Joy Of Small Things

Children Stories Others

Give them to the child in you A piece of paper, kite of happiness A soft little toy, cradle of...

1    28 0



Hurt Battered Tattered When brought down On knees

1    2 0


Drama Romance

My Love for you is primitive, Naked, devoid of any packages. Raw emotions behold our feeling...

1    3 0

Earthly Emotions


Aroma of freshly brewed coffee The nostalgia of memory lanes A world within a world Word wi...

1    44 0

Turbulent Ways


Hands of time run along, Sometimes smooth, sometimes rough. Hail and hearty we have seen joyou...

1    126 0

Ragged Mother


This poem talks about the sacrifices of a mother to raise a child.

1    31 2

Allow Me To Soar


This poem shows the romantic feeling between lovers.

1    46 1


Fantasy Inspirational

The poem compares maturity with nature.

1    554 60

Unlock The Love


Release my soul held deep within . . . I'm ready now, shun the locks and let love begin.

1    614 86

Free Fall


Head towards the beholder Waiting for you agelessly Crash land and make The wish come true ...

1    247 2

At The Edge Of A Cliff


The sun of passions Melted slowly Evaporation of immense desires Solitude is what rediscove...

1    96 3

Dwindling Lights

Inspirational Others

Determination Walled higher than Densities of self pity The fight is on Whoever wins

1    182 22


Fantasy Romance

Devoid of senses Devoid of self I wake up just to Slumber again into Dreams that bring m...

1    204 31

Bicycle Ride

Inspirational Romance

We undertake the pilgrim Of unending love That pauses Assures But never halts …

1    166 8


Fantasy Inspirational Romance

Your alcohol mingles in my veins, Blurring all shades of recent miseries

1    607 12

Decibel Zero


The phrase in your eyes The metaphor my vision Fuse in idiopathic proportions To enumerate our passi...

1    25 0


Abstract Tragedy

I stand bewildered on the realization

1    67 3


Abstract Tragedy

Caged in translucent thoughts of dilemma, I see the rain of melodrama.

1    14.1K 12

The Phoenix

Abstract Inspirational

The poem urges all those who are struggling in life to never give up and rise from the ashes

1    6.8K 8

Kerala Floods


Then descended God In the form of Uniforms of green Sons of the country The valiant soldiers

1    13.5K 12

The Rain Balcony


A poetry about how rains can soothe an urban soul

1    13.4K 4

Blue Flames


Silently heat the vessel of passion...

1    14.2K 11

Unchain Me At ‘Dusk’

Inspirational Romance

This poetry is all about setting your lover free and allowing individual space

1    13.8K 10

The Road To Romance

Fantasy Inspirational Romance

Passions of unconditional Love, Devoid of expectations, devoid of sulky hate Air of pure spiritualit...

1    14.0K 15


Drama Inspirational

Juggling Bumping Making fun of self An object of entertainment A muse of satire

1    14.1K 6

Dwindling Lights.


The fight is on Whoever wins Is immaterial What matters though Is the struggle

1    6.8K 11

Diwali 24x7

Action Inspirational

Do spread smiles to Our families who have gifted us To the nation

1    13.6K 31

Dance Of Lunacy

Classics Inspirational Romance

Vibrating to a frequency Unheard to many I thrown up my arms Feet in rhythms of unknown tunes

1    9.8K 43