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Anukriti Soni


  Literary Colonel

The Outcome

Drama Tragedy

After being pressurized by her father, Vidhi, a young girl tries to win his affection. Read on to s...

4    9 2

Lily - A Ray Of Hope

Abstract Inspirational

The story shows that Lily was a ray o hope to an old husband and wife.

3    5 2

The Decision Of Love


Manushree hated the idea of sending her mother to an old age home, but she had no other choice. Her ...

3    252 3

Conquering All The Grounds


Jackie was the only son of the multimillionaire Maheshwari's. Jagat or Jackie as he was called was a...

4    222 25

The Hidden Mystery

Drama Crime

A forty years old man was reported dead by his family, who claimed that they, the wife Savita (38 ye...

8    30 5

The Unique Friendship


Kiara and Gogo grew up together. Gogo, a small baby gorilla, which Kiara found hiding behind the bus...

3    119 5

The "Humus Heir 1"


Since childhood "Humus heir I" was provided with everything, he was supposed to be the future king o...

4    323 17

One Life For The Two Of Us

Romance Tragedy

After dinner, she told and Akshi to sing a song and sang with her too. At the bed, she read a bedtim...

3    298 43

Just For Amma!


The poem shows a boy stealing for her mother.

5    76 7

The Staircase of life!

Children Stories

Five years old Shantanu was playing hide and seek with his friends. A mischievous boy, that he was, ...

3    52 7

Lock of hope

Abstract Romance

"There is a saying about this place that whoever ties a lock with the name of their loved ones here,...

5    269 32