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Let's create a story together ! (2)

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@Sreshtha_Sengupta Indeed it is, I like working with you, you always give new directions to the story.

This is a really fun way of creating stories where even the writers get to see new surprise everytime. :)


Let's create a story together ! (2)

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Monana's mom sprinkled some water on her face and get her back to her senses.

"Now everyone is alright, so can we please get back to what you did to my daughter" Edward's dad said as Monana's opened her eyes.

"Don't think that just having my child be sufficient for you to get out of this. You committed a sin Monana's" Edward said loudly.

"What are you saying Edward? She is your wife. Have some mercy" Monana's mom pleaded.

"Whose that girl?" was the first thing that Monana said after coming back to her senses.

The girl with scarf removed her covers,

"Sussane!!!" Monana and her mother said in unison.


Let's create a story together ! (2)

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"And we have decided to take revenge from you" Said Sussane's dad and he took out a revolver to aim at Monana.

"No please, Please don't kill me. I haven't killed Sussane. She was the one who came between me and my ex boyfriend. Please Sussane accidentally fell from the building, we were just playing!" Monana said crying.

"No you are lying Sussane told me before dieing in the hospital that you pushed her." Sussane's dad said angrily.

"No, its wrong. Edward, I know you married to me as pure revenge, but I loved you truely and we shared a bond. Atleast you listened to me!" Monana Pleaded.

"Don't listen to this Criminal Edward" said Sussane's dad.

"Sussane was suffering from split personality disorder." Monana said again.

Sussane's dad angled the gun to Monana but before he could shot, Monana fell unconsciously on the floor.

"She is pregnant with your child Edward. Please don't kill her" Said Monana's mom holding Monana lying at floor.


Let's create a story together ! (2)

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Let's create a story together ! (2)

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"Then you must know about our relationship!" She said wiping tears off her face.

"Weren't you jealous of Sussane?" Edward asked unconsciously with lots of things going on in his head.

"No...I..." Monana was about to explain just then something hit his mind,

Wait these were the same words that Sussane 's dad said to me on her funeral. Why do these people think so,

"How do you know this..." She said confused and suspicious...


Let's create a story together ! (2)

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Monana had switched off her phone and disconnected the landline.

"Honey! This is not gonna work. For how long are you going to disconnect yourself from the world. I suggest you to switch on your cell, go through your mails and reconnect the landline. I mean there are other important stuff then just that" Monana'd husband suggested her.

"Fine..." She said and swiched on her phone , she was shocked to find a picture of Sussane and Joshua in her mails.

"Honey!!!" Shr screamed.

"Look I told you..." She said breaking into tears.

"Who is the guy?" Monana's husband said playing fake.

"This is Joshua, my boyfriend. Sussane also used to like him. She suffered from multiple personality disorder and had an virtual world where she used to think Joshua is her boyfriend and I am intruding between them" she said still crying


Let's create a story together ! (2)

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Monana's husband was lying in the bed remember what happened years ago.

Monana and Sussane used to be the best friends. Sussane was Edward's half sister. Edward lived away from them but for constant years shared a very loving relationship with his family. Sussane used to share everything with him over phone.

"Edward, I feel that Monana also likes Joshua, my boyfriend." Sussane had said ones.

The day he finally decided to meet his family and went to their place was the same day he heard the news from his father that Sussane died due to falling from an under construction building while playing with her bestfriend Monana.

I know dad was right Monana, You! You are the one who killed my sister, my dearest little half sister.

Oh for how many years I have waited for this day to come and finally the day is tomorrow. Tomorrow, I will take revenge!


Let's create a story together ! (2)

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Monana finally decided to tell her husband what the problem was, but she feared that he may leave her.

Tonight she finally opened up with him. She was crying heavily,

"I swear I didn't do anything intentionally, it happened by chance." She said wiping tears off her eyes.

Her husband was speechless. After sometime he spoke,

" don't worry honey we'll figure out what to do" he said and kissed Monana.

Meanwhile they felt a flash as if someone took a picture. Monana's husband checked all the curtains and windows, no one was there.

"Maybe just an imagination" he said.

But Monana had something else going on in her head.

"Nothing intentional...Huh! My foot! Isn't it true that you were always jealous of Sussane and her popularity..." The mysterious person thought clearing the lens of the camera.


Let's create a story together ! (2)

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She wrapped the doll in the box again, and threw it in the dustbin.

"I think we should contact the police" her mother said.

"But what we will tell them" Monana said and tears started rolling down her eyes. She sat on the sofa, placing a hand on her head.

Just then bell rang again.

"We should not open the door" Monana said,

"Let me see" her mother said and looked through the keyhole. It was Monana's husband John. She instructed Monana to keep quiet and opened the door.

John entered the room with the same parcel that Monana's mother threw in the dustbin.

"Look honey someone sent me a white doll today when I was in office" he said laughing.


Let's create a story together ! (2)

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"We have agreed not to discuss this Monana, Why are you saying all this then" her mother said parting with her.

"But mom..." Monana was about to say something, as her mother sat on sofa the landline ringed again.

Her mother was about to pick the phone, but Monana stopped her.

"No mom," she said raising her hand,

"Please stop, I told you someone is trying to blackmail me." Sh added.

"But how? You know we buried all the evidence" her mom said wiping the sweat off her face.

"I know but..." She said and the phone rang again.

"We have to pick up honey, for how long can you keep avoiding calls" her mother said and picked the phone.

There was no sound from the other end, her mother also kept silent.

After a moment she heard the sound of a young girl crying, the sound was same as she had heard years ago.

She kept the phone aside,

"Monana...someone knows that you have killed someone!" She said with dripping sweat.