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Avi Garg 

Hi! I'm a reader and a Writer at Storymirror

A Scream During Late Night


It seemed like he saw a ghost as he was so terrified...

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2 min   1.2K 7

Betrayal By A Girl

Romance Tragedy

How would you all have felt if you were in boy's position??

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4 min   1.4K 10

Girl : A Mystery Unsolved


A boy and a girl were studying in a tuition together. A boy liked that girl...

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4 min   1.4K 8

Girls In Weddings


The author narrates his observation of girls at a winter wedding.

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2 min   7.1K 9

Harsh Reality Of A Girl's Life

Others Tragedy

A story of the plight of the women in our society

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3 min   896 11

Prank Beyond All Boundaries


One day two co-workers were talking and one said to another that he is suffering with the problem of hair fall.

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Tale Of A Mean Girl


A boy and a girl met during MBA and became friends.They talked on call most of nights....

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The Dangerous Aunt


I was scared to death and my whole family was encouraging me to go through the fear so that I can get better but...

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2 min   1.3K 10

Wedding Fobia

Drama Fantasy

He found himself lying on the hospital floor and his wife-to-be on the bed screaming in pain with doctors checking on her.

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4 min   5.8K 3