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Shafiqul Islam

Shafiqul Islam is Ex Metropolitan Magistrate Now Deputy Secretary of Bangladesh.He is a Poet and Lyricist of Bangladesh Radio and Television. Awarded "Bangladesh Council Literature Award" in 1981. He received Nazrul Gold Medal award for his famous book "Tobuo Bristi Asuk (Let There Be Rain)" for poetic excellence. This book can be downloaded by writing "Tobuo Bristi Asuk" in the search box of Google play store. Written some books of poetry... "Tobu O Bristy Asuk (Let There Be Rain), "Srabon Diner Kabbo (Song of Rainy Days), "Dohon Kaler Kabbo (Verses of Firey Days) and "Protoyee Jatra (Indomitable Journey).A collection of songs: "Megh Bhanga Roddur (Sunlight on Cloud) Besides this, he has written five volume of songs numbering more than two thousand and a half. Email: sfk505@yahoo.com read more

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