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Kaartika Chitturi

An aspiring writer and a secondary school student; Creative, imaginative and a little clumsy; Loves drawing, most books and the colour blue; Enjoys solitude and space; Finds solving puzzles as a fun activity; And debating is her hobby; Dreams about meeting fictional characters one day; Most of all loves to write poems and articles while watching the rain! Blog page : https://kaartikac.wordpress.com read more

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A Garden in My Mind

Abstract Children Stories

Imagine a garden at the back of your head, Your thoughts are the seeds you plant,

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Children Stories Drama Inspirational

No, Is a magic you must master. Believe me, it’s no curse but a gift.

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A bird with a broken mind, Needs a little help.

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Hold On, Hold On, Let Go

Drama Inspirational

Hold on until you shrivel, Into a frail being.

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Welcome To This World


Welcome to this world little baby, We hope you have a pleasant stay.

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“Be the change that you want to see in the world”...

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By The Train

Drama Children Stories Abstract

I heard the harsh, metallic shriek Followed by two bright lights bringing

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Here's To Our Secrets


Here’s to our secrets, Imprisoned and trapped forcefully.

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Don't Sing In The Shower


Don’t sing in the shower; don’t let your talent go unseen. Don’t let the water flow down the drain,...

1    182 25

Chasing The Horizon

Drama Abstract

And I would’ve reached my dreams overseas, If I had broadened my horizons, And looked beyond t...

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Red Roses


This is a metaphorical poem about red roses which represent hearts....

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Horror Drama Children Stories

And when it finally finds me it will come for me. My urge to take flight, Or to fight will sink t...

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On August 15th


And today I fly as if wings sprout from my spine, Embracing the freedom my country earned...

1    261 42

Writer's Block

Others Drama Abstract

My mind was frozen with writer’s block, And I’m waiting for the temperatures to rise And melt ...

1    227 12

Copy Cat

Others Drama

I’m lost, waiting to be found again. I’m a copycat stealing everyone’s identity. I’m avoiding ...

1    324 11

Frozen In Time


I was frozen in time, And was led backwards in line.

1    150 14

Well Of Memories

Abstract Drama

I am the well where water is always rising and rising Of memories forgotten in minds, slowly clos...

1    379 7

The Well Of Memories


I am the well where water is always rising and rising, Of memories forgotten in minds that are sl...

1    267 15


Abstract Drama

Looking ahead I saw a path to my destination, A path that followed mountains and mines Trappin...

1    409 12

Plain Canvas

Abstract Drama

You can scowl in disgust and remind me of my insecurities, But remember your just hiding yours, w...

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Family Tree


The leaves are all so similarly different, Some wither and fall, but new one always forms. The...

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Children Stories

Best friends, best friends, We’re there to catch the other when they fall. We’ll stand by one ...

2    453 19

A Great Expedition

Children Stories Others

All of history’s mistakes and successes, Pain and power and progresses. Held in a great exhibi...

1    335 15

Acid Rain


When the little droplets held blissful memories, And we were dancing with them. Splish-splash-spl...

1    196 17

Don't Stand At My Grave


This poem is written in the perspective of our law. It talks about how people take our laws so light...

1    531 18

My Village


There are many who come from a village but are they willing to return?

1    234 16

My Superhero

Children Stories Others

He may not be as strong as the Hulk But he is incredible, simply for being brave at heart.

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Let’s hear the story of the sun and moon, And their ever-lasting love for each other. They see...

1    181 16

The Phoenix


So why can’t you stand up from your ashes, Learn from your mistakes and return from humiliation. ...

1    120 12



I travelled another path, my usual path. The pathway of my religion, in which, The roads were ...

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Not For Sale!


This poem gives a perspective on education. It explains that education isn't a way to make money and...

1    265 21



The poem shows that marriage is a journey.

1    246 22

I Remember Last Night


I remember being independent, I had no one around me being ascendant. I had a voice to speak; ...

1    210 21

The Other Option


Take the path that’s least traveled by, Because it stores great adventures in front, That no o...

1    525 20

Journey Of Greed


My journey began, In search of money, which soon Turned into a desire for more. And more, a...

1    527 25

In The Dreary Ghost Town


The monsters may be un-dead, Trust me, they are nothing. Compared to the ones in our head, ...

1    271 21



This poem is about a family breaking apart

1    111 14



Dear best friend, I still miss your laughter and love; I sometimes long sadly, for the past soari...

1    245 22

The Village Hospital


We believed this place was God’s gift, It should’ve been our safe haven. But betrayal hit us l...

1    393 54



Like a silent companion, He waited. And waited, Until finally she showed.

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Inspirational Others

Once more, It went to the left, Once more, It soared high,

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The King’s Game

Abstract Tragedy

The poem compares the game of a Chess to a fight or a war.

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Fading Away


Time is fading away, make the most of it.

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A Mother's Love - Haiku


A heart of patience,

1    69 13

Looking Glass


I grow old, I grow older and more I’ll grow until finally I’m no more. Tonight I exist, tomorr...

1    409 58



Running away, far away, From the arrows chasing; From the battle cries Hunting them down, ...

1    380 65

Missing The Little Things


This poem is about what we will be missing tomorrow if we don't lead healthier lifestyles and keep t...

1    133 17

Guardian Angel


Dear angel, sent from heaven in paradise, You’re my light when the darkness shall rise.

1    246 19



It’s time to face reality before I reach the top.

1    276 24



They told me it was a gift of choice, But they gave me options I didn’t enjoy. They said it wa...

1    384 28

Tears And Regrets

Classics Drama

A pang of regret washes over me, But why now? When no one can see...

1    439 30

Welcome To Dreamer’s Land


Welcome to dreamer’s land, Where everyone smiles and lives in harmony Where problems simply don’t ...

1    212 25

The Life Of Bees

Children Others

Out in the sunshine, in gardens with blooming flowers We went flower to flower, hunting for nectar ...

1    432 55

Earth Hour


Just switch them off, For an hour and beyond, for the Earth Hour...

1    675 48

Tear Drops

Abstract Children Others

Droplets of water, Gliding gracefully; Leaving a trail behind, But soon lost down the alley.

1    501 79

Sound Of Silence

Abstract Drama Others

Hiding in the gloom away from violence, Hear my sound of silence.

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An acrostic poem about FEMINISM

1    466 60

In Between


Which side is right? Which side is wrong?

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The Little Schizophrenic Girl

Drama Tragedy

A haunting poem about the fears, voices and emotions of a schizophrenic girl

1    372 43



Tsunamis and earthquakes lash out on us Indefinable anger and curses attack, destroying everything ...

1    821 59

Another Chance


When a butterfly comes out of its cocoon, It begins its life again, different and refreshed..

1    158 22

I’m Guilty


My words come out as stutters I crumble under your glare But I try hard to keep up my façade Smil...

1    258 26

A Heart Without Love


Numb and cold is all I felt, the echoing silence is all I heard...

1    254 30

Hear My Voice

Drama Others

Broken land that has cracked and perished The clear skies, that let us down all this time The rain...

1    257 29



Here come the dark clouds of gloom, simply out of the blue Their shadows veiled over her, spreading...

1    153 21

Within A Human


She stands beautiful in the moon light, Her eyes glowing like the starry sky..

1    179 11



Technology should be a part of our life, but not in control of our life...

1    271 14

Behind The Mask Of A Bully


Her secrets are kept and no one else shall know Walls are built around her that no one can break in...

1    262 35

Held By Strings

Children Drama Fantasy

The knots are strong, they won’t let go No matter how much I pull and plead And tears pour out of ...

1    252 30

Colour Blind


The once green parks have lost their bloom and colour The concrete jungles hold neither life nor ch...

1    320 36

It Doesn't Wait For You


A few turn to see great achievements, while others nothing

1    1.3K 14

Merry Christmas


But then I look out of the window catching the sight of a homeless man

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The dark, rich chocolate With nuts that crunch under my teeth A taste of irresistible heaven Smells ...

1    4.2K 10

Together We Can Make A Change


Wanting to make a difference in the environment

1    12.5K 15

The Beautiful World


The mankind killed the plants and animals only for their selfish needs

1    14.3K 16

A light In The Darkness


The darkness kept spreading...

1    13.5K 19

Happy Diwali


The floor was filled with diyas and rangoli...

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What’s So Magical?


You escape in to this world without even realizing it But it isn’t as magnificent as wonderland

2    7.6K 27

Let's Salute Our Soldiers


"They feel proud serving our nation Making sure we’re always protected They keep fighting no matter ...

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The Soul Of My Life - My Father

Children Inspirational

A short poem on amazing fathers. Happy Father's Day

1    7.0K 18

The Best Person In The Whole World - Mother

Children Inspirational

Short poem on the best person in the whole world - Mother.  

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