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Kaartika Chitturi  

An aspiring writer and a secondary school student; Creative, imaginative and a little clumsy; Loves drawing, most books and the colour blue; Enjoys solitude and space; Finds solving puzzles as a fun activity; And debating is her hobby; Dreams about meeting fictional characters one day; Most of all loves to write poems and articles while watching the rain! Blog page : read more

In The Dreary Ghost Town


The monsters may be un-dead, Trust me, they are nothing. Compared to the ones in our head, But we seem to keep bluffing.

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This poem is about a family breaking apart

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Dear best friend, I still miss your laughter and love; I sometimes long sadly, for the past soaring above.

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The Village Hospital


We believed this place was God’s gift, It should’ve been our safe haven. But betrayal hit us like ice in a desert, Once we knew we were left alone.

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Inspirational Others

Once more, It went to the left, Once more, It soared high,

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The King’s Game

Abstract Tragedy

The poem compares the game of a Chess to a fight or a war.

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Fading Away


Time is fading away, make the most of it.

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A Mother's Love - Haiku


A heart of patience,

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Looking Glass


I grow old, I grow older and more I’ll grow until finally I’m no more. Tonight I exist, tomorrow I may not, Time is passing by, tick-tock, tick-tock.

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Running away, far away, From the arrows chasing; From the battle cries Hunting them down, Mercilessly killing them;

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Missing The Little Things


This poem is about what we will be missing tomorrow if we don't lead healthier lifestyles and keep the planet healthy today

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Guardian Angel


Dear angel, sent from heaven in paradise, You’re my light when the darkness shall rise.

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It’s time to face reality before I reach the top.

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They told me it was a gift of choice, But they gave me options I didn’t enjoy. They said it was a going to be okay; That it was just a game we play.

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Tears And Regrets

Classics Drama

A pang of regret washes over me, But why now? When no one can see...

1    365 26

Welcome To Dreamer’s Land


Welcome to dreamer’s land, Where everyone smiles and lives in harmony Where problems simply don’t withstand Where the chai

1    155 24

The Life Of Bees

Children Others

Out in the sunshine, in gardens with blooming flowers We went flower to flower, hunting for nectar With my fellow mates

1    374 54

Earth Hour


Just switch them off, For an hour and beyond, for the Earth Hour...

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Tear Drops

Abstract Children Others

Droplets of water, Gliding gracefully; Leaving a trail behind, But soon lost down the alley.

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Sound Of Silence

Abstract Drama Others

Hiding in the gloom away from violence, Hear my sound of silence.

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An acrostic poem about FEMINISM

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In Between


Which side is right? Which side is wrong?

1    396 52

The Little Schizophrenic Girl

Drama Tragedy

A haunting poem about the fears, voices and emotions of a schizophrenic girl

1    334 41



Tsunamis and earthquakes lash out on us Indefinable anger and curses attack, destroying everything All this time they’ve be

1    780 58

Another Chance


When a butterfly comes out of its cocoon, It begins its life again, different and refreshed..

1    109 22

I’m Guilty


My words come out as stutters I crumble under your glare But I try hard to keep up my façade Smiling brighter than a sunsh

1    173 25

A Heart Without Love


Numb and cold is all I felt, the echoing silence is all I heard...

1    226 30

Hear My Voice

Drama Others

Broken land that has cracked and perished The clear skies, that let us down all this time The rain was awaited

1    224 28



Here come the dark clouds of gloom, simply out of the blue Their shadows veiled over her, spreading angst and agony

1    145 21

Within A Human


She stands beautiful in the moon light, Her eyes glowing like the starry sky..

1    170 11



Technology should be a part of our life, but not in control of our life...

1    265 14

Behind The Mask Of A Bully


Her secrets are kept and no one else shall know Walls are built around her that no one can break in Into her lonesome heart

1    256 34

Held By Strings

Children Drama Fantasy

The knots are strong, they won’t let go No matter how much I pull and plead And tears pour out of my eyes

1    236 30

Colour Blind


The once green parks have lost their bloom and colour The concrete jungles hold neither life nor cheer Cars crowd the roads

1    267 34

It Doesn't Wait For You


A few turn to see great achievements, while others nothing

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Merry Christmas


But then I look out of the window catching the sight of a homeless man

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The dark, rich chocolate With nuts that crunch under my teeth A taste of irresistible heaven Smells sweeter than honey

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Together We Can Make A Change


Wanting to make a difference in the environment

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The Beautiful World


The mankind killed the plants and animals only for their selfish needs

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A light In The Darkness


The darkness kept spreading...

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Happy Diwali


The floor was filled with diyas and rangoli...

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What’s So Magical?


You escape in to this world without even realizing it But it isn’t as magnificent as wonderland

2    7.5K 24

Let's Salute Our Soldiers


"They feel proud serving our nation Making sure we’re always protected They keep fighting no matter what"

1    7.5K 26

The Soul Of My Life - My Father

Children Inspirational

A short poem on amazing fathers. Happy Father's Day

1    7.0K 12

The Best Person In The Whole World - Mother

Children Inspirational

Short poem on the best person in the whole world - Mother.  

1    7.1K 20