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Rashmi Jain

Rashmi Jain is an explorer by heart who has started on a voyage to self-discover herself by means of her writings. Her writings mainly revolve around the freedom, equality and empowerment of women. It also involves exploring life by means of travelling and the life lessons learnt in the entire process. Writing is a form of art and she loves creating it. It is like painting your emotions vividly on a canvas. She believes Pen is the most powerful weapon and Writing is the purest form of therapy. Letting the emotions flow on a piece of paper is magical. There is no better way to connect and express your inner voice to the outer world. She keeps experimenting, creating and learning new things. She is a nature lover and adventure enthusiast. To create a positive aura around you, you can always peek into https://bewildagain.wordpress.com/ She loves to inspire beautiful souls for absolute freedom and real adventure. Rashmi’s writings have been published on various sites such as Women’s Web, Momspresso, Story Mirror, etc. She was also one of the finalists in the Orange Flower Awards 2017 conducted by Women’s Web and one among the top 20 shortlisted candidates in the Orange Flower Awards 2018. read more

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