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R Roopesh Kumar  

Setting the emotion on a roll!

The Lady In Black

Crime Thriller Tragedy

“Monsters aren’t created from outside but they are made from within. Sometimes, in a desire to beat the monster down we ourselves become our worst enemy. There are ways to solve a problem, there are problems aplenty, but the fine line stays and it shouldn’t be crossed, no matter what.”– The Lady in Black

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The Drunken Night

Drama Romance

The story is based on the famous Alchemist quote which says, if you really want something in life, then the enitre universe conspires to help you to achieve it. And this particular help can come in any size, and to know what exactly happens in Ryan's life & how this quote becomes very significant read on the story, "The Drunken Night".   

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The Letter

Romance Tragedy

Dear Rose, Its been a while since we had a proper conversation, and I am sad that this is going to be the last one... 

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Crime Thriller

The officer, who had fulfilled the task on the ground, confirmed that three menaces were all down, and they didn’t have to worry about the smuggler anymore. Their propaganda had worked; they just needed to show it as a gang war which it had seemed to be, but the only thing that differed was that the setup in totality had been planted by the police themselves.

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Where Is Ryan?

Romance Tragedy

Where is Ryan?

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