Sumathi S
Literary Captain

Teacher and a writer. published my own book of Poetry "String of Pearls" & "Drizzling of Verses".

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Submitted on 12 Jul, 2021 at 03:46 AM

Laugh a lot Cry a little Free yourself from stress.

Submitted on 10 Jul, 2021 at 08:50 AM

Keep your sorrows secret, Always shine with a smile, Leave footprints of love Keep yourself away from depression.

Submitted on 08 Jul, 2021 at 14:00 PM

Never live in long term isolation that leads your life into depression.

Submitted on 08 Jul, 2021 at 13:57 PM

Good mental health, The overall quality of life.

Submitted on 07 Jul, 2021 at 01:01 AM

Pain gives us strength, Tears give us courage, Heart breaks make us wiser Think for a better future.

Submitted on 05 Jul, 2021 at 00:58 AM

The password to my heart is The love of my lovables That charges my sweetheart.

Submitted on 04 Jul, 2021 at 00:45 AM

Love nature Learn from nature Stay close to it Make yourself shine.

Submitted on 03 Jul, 2021 at 01:05 AM

Everyday there's a stupendous sunrise, There's a sweet sunset, Both are absolutely free.

Submitted on 02 Jul, 2021 at 04:15 AM

Nature delights us with it's beauty Never spoil it because of greedy.