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Shubham Singh   AUTHOR OF THE YEAR 2019 - NOMINEE

  Literary Colonel

Strength In Adversity

Drama Tragedy Inspirational

The ball game was entirely different from what came before in her life, yet, she chose to fight like...

4    253 9

Life Of A Strong Woman


Diya is a true warrior whose perseverance and tenacity knew no bounds.

4    326 31

Believe And Make It Possible


He wore tailor made clothes; his classmates attired in branded dresses. His food comprised of rice a...

2    185 5

Daughters - Angel In Disguise


Finally, the myth had busted! Today, he was indeed proud of his daughter.

2    369 49

Love Is Thicker Than Blood!

Abstract Tragedy

This is the story of parent's whose son leaves to US for studies and when his father died, he comes ...

4    397 40

Perennial Love Story

Romance Thriller Tragedy

A heart-melting love story of a couple; an emotional thriller giving the sense of contentment in ago...

4    4.9K 146

The Irony Of Life


A cynosure of all eyes in the social gatherings, people were envious of the power couple for the com...

2    7.2K 97

A Woman With A Vision!


Hard work had paid off finally. Rani Devi’s unabated efforts had bore fruits

2    9.1K 143