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Nidhi Mishra

I wanna believe you to do things which makes you feel cared n curious...loved n alive...healed n happy.Trust me any one of us can clean our slate at any stage and write a story on new page

  Literary Colonel

Something Else He Is Guilty Of

Abstract Drama

She replied silently like he did always keeping her calm, controlling her emotions but

4    355 36

Closer To Dreams

Drama Inspirational

The way you believe and feel about yourself, including your beliefs and expectations about what is p...

5    123 19

Daisies Delight - They Never Tell


She chooses not to resist herself to fall completely, passionately, insanely, desperately, specially...

7    1.3K 60

The Stream Of Life

Abstract Romance

The story shows 2 people reliving the memories as the stream of life.

2    1.1K 23

AURORA! Beautiful Inside Out


Every dusk has its dawn and there is no time limit to express how radiant, alive and magnificent you...

2    1.8K 30

One Last Time

Drama Tragedy

There's dead silence in the house today, it has to be.... after forty years of togetherness, Rajni h...

2    344 10

Tearful Retrospection, Enough!

Abstract Tragedy

Enough to put a full stop and end this Tearful Retrospection.

6    1.1K 16

Just Like That No Denying That

Drama Inspirational

He laid in bed completely frozen, thinking I don't want to lie to her, I don't want to feel unhappy....

7    870 37

"YES! The Moment Seizes Us!"


She slides the curtains, to let the sunlight in and laid herself into the swing as if to experience ...

12    1.8K 44

Stories Never Lie


She loves it when he caresses her long locks. He can anticipate her desires and act her will. No wor...

9    3.4K 122

Paradise! An Oasis In D Desert


He was bit confused by her conclusion whether it is a sarcasm or actually a joke

8    5.8K 84

Tender Revelation!Woman's Gift


She wanted to push him back but also wanted him to stay for a while so that she may lean on his shou...

6    12.1K 81

Alas!Mirage In My Heart Fades!

Romance Tragedy

My mind was filled with haze! Alas! Mirage in my heart was about to fade!

9    7.5K 99

Do I Deserve a better good bye

Drama Romance

...This is something out of the world feeling.I can imagine your look damn mesmerizing."

7    6.6K 120

Questions Unanswered...?


Its bright sunny morning not because sun is shining on 27th October, but also because someone is all...

6    7.0K 113

Start Of An Avalanche-Feel it!


Aparna is the Queen of Mischief not too easy to please.

2    8.9K 132

Memories Triggered Mi Antano


From the very beginning I had always loved school and imagine that to be. The teachers were a store ...

3    9.4K 131

Pristine Confession


All we need is an eye to recognize a source of joy in everything.

2    10.0K 105

Do You Know The Joy Of Loving?


She took a moment and asked,"What is bothering you?"

2    17.2K 173

Shall We Pretend Like It...


Shall we pretend like it never happened?

3    11.7K 93

It's Not Always Good To Forget

Abstract Others

I really can't allow you to do that! Stop it !! I said, "NO... NO."

1    11.9K 139

Pristine Confession


A story about Vidhi, who believes in dreams, God and His divine intervention.

2    10.2K 118

Look What You Made Me Do


Someone was the reason for my anguish and silver lining among the confusion of clouds.

1    5.6K 154