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Nidhi Mishra

I wanna believe you to do things which makes you feel cared n curious...loved n live...healed n happy.Trust me any one of us can clean our slate at any stage and write a story on new page

  Literary Colonel

Nothing Else Matters - My Belief


I believe..... My feelings matter, No one can label them as crazy, unrealistic or naive af...

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My Version Of Happiness


This poem is about a person realizing her version of happiness

1    252 8

Unfiltered Version Of Mine

Abstract Others

I can't make it any less beautiful in my mind, After all, it was my choice to entwine and unwind.

1    148 7

Priority Or An Option - Relation


Knowing you have people you can count on when things get tough, It keeps the brain healthy and le...

1    118 7

What ! If I Say Yes?

This poem is about a girl wondering if she wants to go back to the person that broke her in the firs...

1    257 8

Good Twist In Life - Oneself


Together we are still walking on... For each other, our heart will always turn on and on.

2    378 9

They Never Knew, What One Earns

Romance Tragedy

She cared more about their liking & companionship than about being right, He cared more about his...

1    563 8

Should I Say It Or Not?


The poem shows the confusion of the writer whether to express love or not?

1    117 10

All About Of Well-Being?


Sometimes we break it for one pulse...we fought without seeing And one time we break it for someone...

1    457 9

Aw...Softly Brutal! Shall You?

I had conceded the format, And expressions of my thoughts...

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Small Things Do Big Wonders


When no one is there to listen to the purple song of winter, Teeny-weeny things make you rise and si...

1    1.9K 28

If You Do, I'll Let You Go!

Fantasy Romance

I wanna look deep into your eyes without a blink.

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Someone somewhere miles apart, Whose mere thought floods my heart, Whose presence gave a intrigue to...

1    7.1K 21

I Like You So Much! Do You ?


Pristine is your smile, because its little mild, Arrogance and extreme is my way, because its littl...

1    10.1K 24

Satiate! Are You?Awe Fillers!


Ever since I have met you, There's a magical touch in every thing you do and say, That draws me clos...

1    12.3K 27

If You Are Lucky


Once in a lifetime, You find someone Who ignites a spark in your life

1    9.1K 28

Love Deeper & Laugh Harder


From silent conversations To vigorous arguments

1    9.2K 25

Discover Yourself Again


If you ever feel lost, Here is a simple way all To find yourself

1    16.3K 32

Canvas Of Memory


Its easy to wipe the open tears, Tears! Tears! Tears!!

1    7.6K 23

"Reminiscence" Sweet & Sour

Air is blowing, soothing all pain, Admiring you ways of love, went all in vain

1    8.2K 25

You And Me

Abstract Inspirational Romance

"It's the one who inspired Me to love deeper And Laugh harder."

1    8.1K 25