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Pradita Kapahi   Author of the Year 2018 - Nominee

I'm a 30 something out-of-practice lawyer, stay at home mommy, wife and blogger. I count reading, writing, music, baking as my passions, in that order. I love to read things... could be anything, right from how to clean windows with vinegar to how not to waste time on the internet (guilty!). I love information of all kinds and I store it all up in my teensy-weensy brain. What I read and feel generally ends up in some story or poetry of mine and I publish them on my small blog - www.thepraditachronicles.com. Pay a visit to read some of the craziness that goes inside my head. read more

  Literary Brigadier

The Peeper

Horror Thriller

My father had a strict moral code that he forced on everyone, even if that meant giving us a few lic...

11    16.5K 201

Impiety In A Temple


Lewdness in a temple? Why have you not stricken this man, O Mighty One?!

5    18.4K 176


Drama Tragedy

A story which tells us that some wishes can come true, but not all of them are good.

2    19.6K 200

One Life


Let there be light… and light there was. Warm, welcoming, pure, ethereal..

4    10.1K 310

Something Broken


‘What is cloaked?’ ‘Covered.’ ‘Then what is clocked?’....

1    10.3K 262

Burying The Childhood

Drama Tragedy

It's a coming of age story of two boys who discover family isn't what they were told it would be.

7    10.1K 165

For The Ants!


A story about the ugly side of the Zamindari System as it prevailed in pre-independence India.

5    20.0K 249

The Gift of a Stain


A short story about a couple who stood by each other through thick and thin.

3    10.9K 275

The Mason


He’s a mason. He builds and mends. But who’ll mend this broken house?

2    10.3K 257

Her Happy Family - Part 2


A story about a mother's concerns for her daughters apprehensions regarding their family..

5    9.8K 305

Her Happy Family - Part1


A tale of Rijul, a divorcee who can't help but let her only daughter go on a vacation with her ex hu...

6    10.1K 222

It Started With A Crash

Romance Drama

Who knew good could come from something broken? Who knew it could all start with a crash?

8    20.3K 240

The Human Museum


A dystopian world where the tables are turned on human beings.

12    20.0K 210

The (Im)Perfect Pair


A story that depicts the innate need in human beings for acceptance, which may drive us to extremes....

4    20.3K 273

Jack In The Box


A mother lovingly buys a gift for he son, but fate had something else in store...

6    21.2K 223

Pincheliosclerosis – A Story


A comic story about a woman, who liked to pinch and squeeze the cheeks of everyone around.

3    10.5K 259

Paper Thin


A story about how things can go wrong, just at the loss of a daily newspaper...

10    20.6K 284

Happy New Year - A Story


How many times can you say "Happy New Year" in a lifetime..? Read to find out.

5    10.8K 220