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Maya Bhat

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  Literary Brigadier

Two Lost Souls

Drama Fantasy

After finishing her dinner, Miranda sat down to explore that book. It was a love story of a girl nam...

3    241 5

Resolution For A Cause


But Shaila surprised him with her answer...

3    713 50

When Time Doesn't Fly

Thriller Tragedy

The place where she usually sat was empty. But he was very sure that she would come.

3    764 82

Health Is Wealth


A nice story of fighting and winning against bad habits and unhealthy lifestyle

6    8.7K 115

Ten Years Later.....


A couple decides to take measures, so they never have to part their ways..

2    8.4K 173

First Salary

Inspirational Thriller

This is that shoe. It is a very precious memory of my first salary.

5    8.5K 146

A Ray Of Hope

Drama Inspirational

The sun was about to set letting out a ray of hope for the next morning.

2    18.3K 139

My Grandmother Had A Blog


She got opportunities to write for many other magazines as well as Newspapers. She is 75, yet an ene...

4    18.1K 231

The Garland Girl

Drama Inspirational

That was the main reason everyone bought garlands from her...

3    18.0K 261

The Foul Smell


A foul smell had annoyed the household for sometime, when they start probing into it..

2    9.6K 206

The Midnight Beep

Horror Thriller

She rushed to her phone and searched for Tripti’s messages…but...

5    10.1K 262

I Wish I Never Knew It


I wish that day was deleted from my life. I wish life had a delete button...

3    20.3K 162

A Silent Date


A young couple sitting at the table next to me caught my attention while I was sipping my coffee...

2    19.8K 179

Freedom @ 60


A story of a parent and her perspective towards life at the age of 60..

4    9.8K 215

A Surprise Visit To Home


Without making any noise, he opened the gate of his house, after all it was a surprise visit...

3    10.0K 244

The Fear Of Death


Finally he decided to end his life. He felt no reason to live in this world where nobody understood ...

3    10.6K 289

An Unread Autobiography


This autobiography is about a frying pan who eventually wishes to come back to this world in some ot...

5    20.0K 186

My First Crush


That brought a smile on her face when she read her diary today after long 27 years...

2    2.0K 169

Behind The Coconut Tree


A slice-of-life story about a child's mischief, which took his mother's breath away.

1    10.0K 180