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Yashika Tripathi

poet, story writer, article writer, playwright and aspiring author plus motivational speaker

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A Teacher...

Inspirational Drama Abstract

It was a time she was not herself A person so dejected and sad That she found nothing good in ...

2    172 11

What For


What was all that hard work? Of no use to me? When I am judged on grounds of that work Whic...

1    183 12


Drama Children Stories Abstract

Take a break, Think for a while, What all we put at stake To satisfy our greed which is fut...

1    223 48

The Virtue Of Empathizing

Abstract Drama Inspirational

Loss of hope is fast Loss of faith is complimentary with it Such a person needs someone like a...

2    316 3

A Shoe On The Roof


I saw a shoe on the roof From the window of my school With my mates laughing at the sight S...

1    337 2

My School Eternally


A place where knowledge meets fun, A place which sets every kind of rule..

1    63 2

A Glance At The Past


A glance at the past made me think That how this modernization has made the world shrink All o...

1    184 3

A Light Glorification


The sun being the source of life here Is often thought of having power sheer But for me, Sun g...

1    70 4

A Martyred Soul

Drama Tragedy

Who will give my son a horse ride In whom will my daughter now confide Whom would Pa give his ...

2    71 4

If I Could Listen To My Heart


Sometimes I feel why is it so That to our desires there is always a firm no The way our wishes...

1    276 1