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Manpreet Chadha   AUTHOR OF THE YEAR 2019 - NOMINEE

  Literary Colonel

Dance Of A Housemaid's Life


I must tap feet with timely beats, Follow the director's directions...

1    231 17

Call For Religious Unity


Are we indeed one God's creation?

1    71 1

For The Love Of Cricket


Last ball Three to win Nail biting Bated breaths Agitated minds Prayers on lips

1    167 7

Circus Of My Life


At beck and call of all those matters I witness my dreams my hopes shatter My destiny is to be...

1    54 0

Treasure Of Education


The investment that pays best dividends, The treasure to cherish for life without end...

1    93 7

We Pray Thee Almighty

Drama Others

May the home radiate with positive vibes Where sunny side perennially abides May each day show...

1    193 3

I Yearn


And once more I long to live in years of yore Once more I yearn to turn the clock To escape...

1    328 11

The Bliss


Uninterrupted I sleep like a log In swathes of tranquillity Away from roar of machines

1    44 4

Weigh Before You Slay


Monumental destruction monumental loss, Stop! O foolish man, Stop!

1    98 5

The Distorted Society


The distorted society leaves me flummoxed Why are privileges not everyone's preserve? Why are ...

1    201 4

Nurture For Future


Pure and pristine like a new born, Let me grow, leave me unshorn...

1    88 7

The New Age Woman


No more a weakling at mercy of men Shattering stereotypes I have come out of the den Sole male...

1    38 0

I Am The Culprit

Abstract Inspirational

The poet has tried to convey the message about child labor in our country

1    42 1

I Am Not Surprised

Drama Inspirational

You think I'll languish with my heart burning? No, I'll live happily with my life's earnings...

1    101 6



Nation debates aftermath of our fate Chant of NaMo turns to DeMo The ignominy of our death onl...

1    73 4

The Power Of One


If there is power in your perspective, Let it sway opinions, Why hold back?

1    46 3

My Hopes Are Alive


I chose candidate over NOTA As a dutiful citizen of my nation I chose to vote one more time ...

1    100 6

The Fusion


The game, the ball, the chase The lumbering legs kicking To drive in a goal Perhaps compens...

1    64 3

The Nemesis


It is a powerful poem about punishing all those who have committed monstrous sins

1    97 3



I could hear feeble voices from within I am very much here, ALIVE With you, inside you And ...

1    124 6

We Failed To Build A Home


We couldn't become each other's right mates Our wedding bands became massive weights With our ...

1    326 7

Innocence Murdered Again


Some radicalized maniacs Torched the boarding school To avenge Some mindless killing In ...

1    59 5

Till We Meet In God's Abode


With you gone life is a torment, My love for you undying infinite....

1    154 7

Focus Is The Key


Single-minded devotion To achieve target To give another try To hit the bull's eye

1    25 2

These Hands Deserve Respect


These Poor Hands Deserve Respect

1    121 7

Mind Your Moves


The poet has compared life to a chessboard

1    37 2

The Tick Tock

Drama Others

Mind in sway The clock ticking away In nanoseconds The man was counting his last breaths

1    51 4

Umbilical Bonds


The tolerance, insurmountable The umbilical bonds are inseparable

1    30 2

Sentinels Of Saragarhi


This poem is about Sentinels Of Saragarhi

1    54 3

We Too Are Sentient


So what if I am an animal That does not make me less of a mother So what if I can't articulate...

1    34 3

Let Kids Be Kids


I want abundant fragrance and celebration, I want respite from grind and frustrations..

1    167 6

Lady, You Are Safe Here


Abused raped violated threatened Living in perpetual fear of molestation With only tails shed ...

1    24 3

Ecstasy Or Agony?


Indulgence grew heavier by the day I began to flail in depths, I quivered The toll visible in ...

1    49 3

Please Leave Them Alone


I wish to bring them in the fold Of racy new world of technology I wish to share stories of ad...

1    114 3

The Curse And The Redemption


Not long ago on geological clock There lived a 'goddess' verdant and pristine Bang came a 'dem...

1    101 4

Forgive Me, My Child


Sweating screaming shuddering l wake up in the middle of night

1    362 40

My Mother My World

Children Stories

Indebted to you ma, I'll always be Come what may I'll never desert thee

1    65 5

Mud Or Stars

Drama Inspirational

My perseverance pays off

1    28 5

Ladder of My Life


Living my life to the brim A blessed family a happy me I count my blessings ignore my sores ...

1    96 5

Chord of Love


The haters hounded Him The Romans pounded Him

1    183 10

लुप्त‌ होता प्यार


जिन के वजूद से अपना वजूद ख़ुशगवार है।

1    50 2