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Chattanathan D

  Literary Colonel

Who Is Your Valentine?

Drama Romance

If hours together You can just think of her

1    9 0

Are You Lucky?

Drama Others

Is it money Or is it matter

1    8 0

I Am OK Remaining A Salt


We loved each other And live with a hope

1    286 44

Eerie Of Silence…


This is a poem written based on the gang rape that happened in Goa.

1    52 1

No my sins did not vanish


The mind was with the same sins

1    58 2

Avoid Me Life Is A Bliss


And for people around you If I am there You are not beautiful But you don’t want to

1    7 0

You Are Slowly Fading Away


And as the curls, Cascade over your shoulder, Amazing beautiful you look...

1    78 3

My Quest To Find God Continues


All these years, I was trying to find him, Only in me and for me...

1    211 26

I Am OK With The Pain At Hell


Skin started wrinkling And I thought I should Ensure that children Should not fight

1    449 45

Quest For Silence

Abstract Children Stories Drama

As the day Passes on The cacophony Of sound Surrounds and surmounts me

1    206 20

I’m Royal, But I Don’t Kill Anyone


The deer wondered, And asked the lion...

1    49 1

No I Do Not Feel Deprived

Drama Inspirational

I am equally treated, I have not been discriminated...

1    276 26

Heart Throb

Others Children Stories

I am the Puri My associate is the Pani Some call us Pani Puri Some Golgappe And sometime...

1    237 29

Toil At Soil

Drama Children Stories

No, he does not require pity As he is great and gritty He just requires crop and price protect...

1    296 29

Unconditional Love


I sought from you So many things But your love to me Was unconditional Not sure If

1    126 3

I Know Not If I Am Poet


I Know not If I am poet, Yet I write Poetry....

1    349 45

My Shoulders Will Not Droop

Inspirational Children Stories

I know what I am I have the courage To stand against all odds When I am convinced I stan...

1    208 34

Enigma Of Beauty

Inspirational Drama

The society looks beautiful because of the diversity it holds as much as the garden.

1    356 46

Protect Me

Tragedy Drama

I fear, while we are equipping, With all modern weapons, We are forgetting equipping, Individual ...

2    422 44

The School Mayhem


Flag was half hoisted, Across the state, As the mayhem, Of school children’s death...

2    295 41

“HE” Is The Giver


To give, Without being known, Requires heart...

1    180 37

Nathan’s Great Escape


Spending nights And days together On the eve Of college election

1    318 35

Modi Tweet Index


A drone in the air, Can cause the bulls, And bears to dance...

1    381 4

Forget - It Was Just An Accident

Tragedy Drama

I loved her and married But my touch Did not soothe her Nor she got the feeling

1    303 26

My Friends - Problem And Pain

Drama Abstract

It all came with Pain being by my side I love both my friends

1    222 33

Freedom In The Wee Hours


What more you want, The best moments of life, Which one can cherish...

1    262 35


Tragedy Drama

She has been pleading, Not to destroy nature...

1    297 34

She Is Modern But Not Loose

Others Drama

It was a bit late In the evening She was standing At the bus stop With her short shorts

2    35 0

Even Willingly I Can't Hate You

Romance Drama

Life appears so beautiful, In your company dear...

2    441 5



Failures are bound to happen, You are bound to hit Road Blocks...

1    305 25

Mad Is Modern Today

Others Drama Children Stories

When I was in school If somebody wore a torn Pant Or a torn shirt We considered him mad ...

1    347 13

I Creep In

Others Drama

Some call me Cocaine Some Call me Marijuana I have different names But I am the same produc...

2    266 12

"IT " Is a Pronoun


He was in a deadly mood I doubt controlling temper he could He shouted at me," what i

1    59 1

My Salute -Teacher


As the words flow And the pen scribbles Mind gets occupied As I get Transfused

1    45 2

Darling Of The Street

Inspirational Drama

Complexion is not the beauty, beauty is behaviour...

1    339 44

Is She Really Beautiful?


She was so good and slim, As if a Heroine in a film...

1    189 48

Look Intensely! "23 years"


Oh! She looked so beautiful. While she was standing, Near the window...

1    454 33



I have no time While time had Given time Enough to Do all the things On time.

1    196 16

Just For Fun

Others Drama Children Stories

I am Glutton But I don’t eat Mutton I wear a shirt of Cotton Which never has a button

1    270 31

It Is All About H2O

Children Stories Abstract

I was hit by the bullet Blood oozed out of me But It came out of my eyes Dripping down Drench...

1    321 9



The pyre was lit The Hymns were heard Death of aims Who wanted to live And change the wo...

1    315 38

But Why The Hell Did You Do It

Abstract Classics Tragedy

The Foetus before abortion questions men and women for not adopting safe methods

1    194 2

No dear when in anger, you don

Drama Children Stories Abstract

This poem is a reflection of the heavy rains causing flood across the country and devastating life

3    272 1

A Priceless Gift

Classics Inspirational

I held my head high, And did tell him, I don’t mind...

1    359 41

Heavenly Abode


My Vehicle was crying today...

1    112 2

Not A Drop Of Tear


was by his side Holding his hand tight When he was breathing his last

1    35 0

Indian Politician A view

Crime Inspirational

They are just like leeches Sucking the vote of citizens

1    1.2K 4

Hail Mosquito Kingdom


We can balance ourselves At any time, based on your strategies

2    1.2K 8



Which is more beautiful on earth?

1    13.9K 10

Damsel In The Park

Abstract Drama

I said hello, but she did not respond...

1    7.3K 6

My Pal


"Deep in the back yard I saw someone holding you With utmost care and passion.."

1    7.1K 6



Smile can create wonders, And is an art of hundreds,

1    6.9K 7



Life is all but a game, Don't blame it whether you lose or gain..

1    7.0K 7

From The Mothers Womb


"I am yet to be born I have a few words to say Before I come down to earth."

2    13.7K 10



"The lovely love and the lovely lover loved each other and The lovely love feathered."

1    1.3K 4