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people who aim high want to face risks in life once they face they came to know the reality of life

  Literary Colonel


Drama Tragedy

Ramya, a white-skinned forgotten him into a world of dreams. He decided to propose but being an orth...

1    219 1

The Realisation

Drama Fantasy

The story of a God who took birth in human kind to end evil.

2    128 0

Life On Earth

Fantasy Others

The story of an evil king and his destruction by God

2    341 1

Life Of Illusion


They went to God for help, God gave three wishes to each.

1    17 2

Return Of Success


His burning spirit was his best weapon to kill the hunger stock of his family

2    224 1

The First Sunrise


It was still very dark, but at least the Emu could straighten up, and the Kangaroo was able to move ...

3    57 0

The Wings Of Terrorism

Children Stories Tragedy Inspirational

This poem is about a guy who invented the bomb squad.

2    115 2

What Is My Name ?

Drama Inspirational

Sarada recognized that more than scrubbing and cleaning her identity was more important i.e., her na...

5    145 3

The Evil King

Classics Inspirational

This story is about Evil King turning into a follower of truth.

2    196 31



When the soldier lifted his sword to kill Julie, Peter arrived...

3    124 2

The Abandoned Baby


One morning when Riya woke up, she saw that her baby was missing...

2    121 4

The Kidnapped God

Children Inspirational

Then Bob understood the truth and he studied hard for his grade exams...

2    97 3

True Love

Drama Fantasy

A kind hearted and beautiful woman was worse of doing the job of a handicapped warrior.

2    139 4

The Kidnapped God


Long ago there lived a boy named "bob"

2    189 4

True Love

Fantasy Inspirational

True love never ends it continues forever and ever...

2    499 23